What is the top spoken language spoken in Europe?

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In Europe
Russian - it is spoken by approximately 125 million people (mainly in European Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, and Latvia).
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What languages are spoken in Europe?

The total number of languages spoken In Europe is 230. Europe is a continent consisting of over 40 countries (the exactnumber depends on the definition of where Europe ends). Most countries have their own national language, plus many of thelarger ones have one or more regional languages which are s ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken in Central Europe?

Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish are the largely spoken languages in Central Europe.

How many languages are spoken in Europe?

230 languages are spoken in Europe. Some examples of the different languages spoken in Europe are: IN addition to the 23 official languages of the EU (European Union): български (Bălgarski) - BG - Bulgarian Čeština - CS - Czech Dansk - DA - Danish Deutsch - DE ( Full Answer )

What are the top 5 languages spoken?

Total speakers: 1. English 2. Mandarin 3. Spanish 4. Hindi 5. Arabic Native Speakers: 1. Mandarin 2. Spanish 3. English 4. Bengali 5. Hindi

What are the most commonly spoken languages in Europe?

By number of speakers . Russian is the language with the largest number of speakers inEurope, with 144 to 155 million speakers. . German is second, spoken by approximately 90-95 million peoplein Europe (as of 2004). . Third is French (66 to 68 million). . Fourth is English (64 to 66 million) ( Full Answer )

Top 10 spoken languages?

1) Mandarin 2) English 3) Hindustani 4) Spanish 5) Russian 6) Arabic 7) Bengali 8) Portuguese 9) Malay-Indonesian 10) French Hope this was helpful! :-)

Main language spoken in Europe?

The most spoken languages in Europe, with the numbers of speakers, are: German 84 million (Germany + Austria + part of Switzerland) French 70 million (France + part of Belgium + part of Switzerland) English 67 million (UK + Ireland) Italian 61 million (Italy) Spanish 46 million (Spain) ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken in western Europe?

English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish Gaelic, Welsh, Catalan, Flemish Most European languages are in the Indo-European family. Exceptions include Finnish, Hungarian and Basque. There are many languages in Western Europe. Here are the major langua ( Full Answer )

What language family is spoken in Eastern Europe?

There are 3 major language families in Eastern Europe. The majority of the area is Slavic, but Hungary is Uralic and Romania is Romance. The Slavic people can generally make themselves understood across the board, but Uralic and Romance are extremely different. The Romance language is heavily based ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken Western Europe?

Quite a variety, depending on the individual country in WesternEurope. Fortunately, English is commonly understood by educated Europeans. Here are the most common languages of Western Europe: . English . Irish . Welsh . Spanish . Finnish . French . German . Italian . Portuguese ( Full Answer )

What languages were spoken in ancient Europe?

Europe has, and has always had, a wide range of languages. Europe has never been united with one language. Most European languages share common roots. Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and French are all derivatives of Latin. Whereas German, Dutch, English, Swedish and Danish are based on Proto-German. S ( Full Answer )

What language is mostly spoken in western Europe?

The most populous West European nations are Germany, Italy, Spain, France and the United Kingdom, so the languages spoken most are German, Italian, Spanish, French and English. Germany has the highest population at around 82.5 million, so German is probably the most spoken native language. However, ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken in Europe and where?

How sad am i doing this one I'm not writting them all down get yourself a map I make it 35 and that not counting Indian, Hindu,Chinese,Tebetian and the many more there is just in London

What non-indo-European language is spoken in southern Europe?

Non-Indo-European Languages in Europe include the following: . Basque (in Northern Spain). . Hungarian is also not a member of the Indo-European language family. . Gaellic . Welsh . Finnish and Estonian- belong to the Finno-Ugric language group of northeastern Europe . Georgian-a language ( Full Answer )

Which are the top 150 languages spoken in the world?

By total speakers, the top 20 languages spoken in the world are: 1. Chinese 2. Spanish 3. English 4. Hindi 5. Arabic 6. Portuguese 7. Bengali (Bangla) 8. Russian 9. French 10. Japanese 11. Standard German 12. Punjabi 13. Javanese 14. Telugu 15. Marathi 16. Vietnamese ( Full Answer )

What is the second most widely spoken language family in Europe?

The second most widely used is Germanic Languages... 1. Romance languages 2. Germanic 3. Greco-Cyrilic Languages 4. Scandinavian Languages 5. Isolated Languages (Basque, Gaelic) All of these are based off of Indo-European Branch

What is the top 10 most spoken languages?

Chinese, English, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Malay, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian and French. As with all lists, it is not universally accepted. Some say Spanish is second. And of course, there are discrepancies due to whether it is counted that it is spoke at all, or if it is spoke as a primary langu ( Full Answer )

How did conquest influence the languages spoken in north Europe?

Throughout the years of Europe's Exitence the languages hve evolved. Todat there are two writing forms in Europe both derived from the Greek. The Romans spread their revised system known as Latin, which is the writing system used in many non-latin originated languages such as Swedish, German, Dutch, ( Full Answer )

What is the basis language spoken in Europe now?

First of all, Europe is a contient. Which means Europe has many countries in it. So there are many languages spoken in Europe. Here are a few languages spoken: French, Italian, Spanish, German, English, Greek, Portuguese, Nordic Languages, East European languages.

What language was most widely spoken in Medieval Europe?

The people on the streets spoke their native languages (English, Italian, French...) but during most part of the medieval era the "culture language" and international one was Latin. Later French.

What are the top ten spoken languages in the world?

English - 2 billion speakers . Mandarin - 1 billion speakers . Spanish 500 million speakers . Hindi - 450 million speakers . Russian - 280 million speakers . Arabic - 250 million speakers . Bengali - 210 million speakers . Portuguese - 190 million speakers . Malay-Indonesian - 160 million ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken in northern Europe?

The countries in northern Europe speak Germanic, Nordic, or Altaicbased languages, such as: Danish Norwegian Swedish Finnish German Dutch Icelandic There are a huge number of languages spoken in Northern Europe and it depends what you class as Northern Europe. The UK, Republic of Ireland, Norway, ( Full Answer )

What is the oldest language to be spoken in Europe?

Read the following answers with caution. Everyone wants their language to be the oldest, but the truth is, that written language doesn't go back very far in Human history, and without artifacts of writing, we can't tell what was going on with language, or how it evolved. We can only theorize. It is ( Full Answer )

How many languages were spoken in Europe in the 1400s?

The problem with answering this question is how you define 'language'. Depending on your definition, this could potentially be answered at least two ways: A)If you define it as a common tongue with a certain vocabulary spoken in a geographical region, the answer is: hundreds. B)If you define it a ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken in the country of Europe?

First off, Europe is a continent and not a country. There are 51 countries in Europe and the nearly every country has their own language. Some of the most spoken languages include: . Russian . German . French . English . Italian . Spanish . Ukrainian . Polish . Romanian . Dutch . Greek ( Full Answer )

What are the top 100 spoken languages?

Top 100 Languages by Population Rank Language Name Primary Country Population 1 CHINESE, MANDARIN China 885,000,000 2 SPANISH Spain 332,000,000 3 ENGLISH United Kingdom 322,000,000 4 BENGALI Bangladesh 189,000,000 5 HINDI India 182,000,000 6 PORTUGUESE Portugal 170,000,000 7 RUSSIAN ( Full Answer )

What are the top five languages spoken in Australia?

According to the CIA World factbook, English is spoken by 78.5% of Australia's population. After English, Italian, Greek, Cantonese, Arabic, Mandarin and Vietnamese, in that order, are the most widely-spoken languages, and languages of most cultures are represented and spoken by Australians.

Top 5 spoken languages in the US?

native speakers: 1. English 2. Spanish 3. Chinese 4. French 5. German total speakers: 1. English 2. Spanish 3. French 4. German 5. Italian

What are the top 10 spoken languages in the US?

total speakers: 1. English 2. Spanish 3. French 4. German 5. Italian 6. Chinese 7. Korean 8. Russian 9. Tagalog 10. Vietnamese Native Speakers: 1. English 2. Spanish 3. Chinese 4. French 5. German 6. Italian 7. Tagalog 8. Vietnamese 9. Korean 10. Russian

What major language is spoken in southern Europe?

Romance languages and modern Greek are the heirs of Latin and ancient Greek as the main historical languages of the mediterranean area. Romance languages have spread from the Italian peninsula, and are emblematic of southern-western Europe: the "latin arch" ( Romania and Moldava are an exception on ( Full Answer )

What languages are mostly spoken in eastern Europe?

The most spoken language in Eastern Europe is by far Russian with over 110,000,000 speakers. Turkish is also widely spoken by almost 80,000,000 (that is if you consider Turkey fully in Europe or not). Ukrainian is also widely spoken by about 50,000,000 speakers. The next highest would be Polish, wit ( Full Answer )

Why are there so many different languages spoken in Western Europe?

There are probably several reasons. The most salient one is the fact that Europe has been colonized and invaded many times over the past 15,000 years -- and especially over the past 6,000 years -- by many different ethnicities coming mostly from Asia, the Caucusus (mountains) and the Russian Ukraine ( Full Answer )

Where in Western Europe are the Romance languages spoken?

Romance languages are spoken all throughout Western Europe, however, if you mean where the languages originate, then that is a difference story. Also, it depends on what Western Europe you are talking about. There is the Western Europe that accounts for the western half of the European continent or ( Full Answer )

How many languages are spoken in Europe and Russia?

Approximately 230 languages are spoken in Europe. Russia is located in both Europe and Asia, so if you add the languages of Russia that are only in Asia, that would be an additional 42 languages.

What empire did most of the languages spoken in Europe originate from?

Latin mainly, from the Roman Empire, but also included was the Slavic language and the Germanic Language of the Northern Tribes. However, Latin had the most influence on languages, including that of Italian, French, Spanish, and English, even though English is a mix of Latin and Germanic tongue. Gre ( Full Answer )