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What is the tourqe specs for a 1967 Chevy 350?

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68 350 is as follows spark plug 20 ft. lbs., Cylinder head 65 ft. lbs., Intake manifold 30 ft. lbs., exhaust manifold 20 ft. lbs., valve cover 55 in. lbs., connecting rod 45 ft. lbs., main bearing 80 ft. lbs., flywheel to crank 60 ft. lbs.,

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What is the tourqe specs for an eldabrock alluminum intake manifold on 78 350 Chevy?

30 ft lbs. Use the manufactures recommended torque pattern

What is the cylinder head torque specs on 98 Chevy 350 small block?

torque specs 350 Chevy heads65 lbs

What is the firing order for a 1967 350 Chevy engine?

They didn't make a Chevy 350 in 1967. This answer is wrong... The 350 came in the 1967 Chevy Camaro SS350.

Where can you get specs or an engine diagram for a Chevy 350 engine?

Atk engines com or 350 Chevy engines com

Do the rotor turn the same on a Pontiac 350 as a Chevy 350?

What is Bank 1 on a Chevy 350?

What are the torque specs for the rocker arms on a 1981 Camero Z28 with a 350 engine?

There are no torque specs for a 350 Chevy. Follow the valve adjustment instructions in any repair manual for any small block Chevy.

What is the torque specs for a head on a 1978 Chevy 350?

65 ft lbs

1991 Chevy 350 head bolt torque specs?

65ft. LBS.

What is Compression specs for 1974 nova 350?

Compression ratio on a 1974 Chevy 350 in a Nova was 8.5:1.

Will a 1986 Chevy c20 350 fit into a 1967 Chevy c10?


What is the tork for the engine bolts for a 1978 350?

the first time tourqe them down to 65 then the second time around tourqe them down to 80 that's what i did on my 350 and i have no problems

What are the engine specs on a 1982 Chevy 350 engine?

Chevy 350 is being manufacturing by General Motors since 1967. It has a V8 engine design with 295 hp L-48 option for the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro. Engineer Ed Cole is the designer of this engine, who later becomes GM president. It is very difficult to discuss all the aspect of 350 engines so better you can go though contain more article about Chevy 350 engine.

Chevy 350 timing specs?

I belive it is 4 degrees advanced at 500 rpm

What is the connecting rod torque specs for a 1990 Chevy 350?

45 ft. LBS.

What is the valve cover torque specs for a 1985 Chevy 350?

17 ft./lbs.

Chevy small block 350 specs?

200-225 horse power and about 325-350 ft-pounds of torque. Power output of a 350 Chevy ranged from a low of 145 to the LT-1, which was 370. If you were trying to find any other specs, please restate the question.

What are the lash of the head valves specs on v8 350 5.7?

Zero lash then one turn in. (assuming this is a stock Chevy 350)

What are the torque specs on a Chevy 350 heads?

70 ft ponds and start in middle and go in circlevisit

What year did Chevy start making a 350 with 4 bolt main?


What are torque specs for 1989 Chevy 350 crankshaft bearing caps.?

60 ft lbs

What are the torque specs for a oil pump 5.7 350 1990 Chevy c1500?

65 lbs

What year did Chevy start making the 350?

1967, for the Camaro SS.

Torque specs 350?

what are the piston footpounds for a chevy 350 If you're asking about the output of the engine, it varies a lot depending on what the engine was built for.

What are the cylinder head torque specs for 1994 Chevy 1500 truck with 350 engine?

65ft. LBS.