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Transmission cooler is a good start to help it live a better longer life, but it doesn't add tow capacity. I need to know what motor, trans & gear ratio. If its 5.7 (350) with either the 4L60E or 700R4 with 3:42 or 3:73 gears GCW is about 6500 lbs. I gave you very common drivetrain for those vans for a ballpark.

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2006-04-21 01:41:29
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Q: What is the towing capacity of a Chevy G20 van with overload springs and shocks with a transmission cooler?
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A max of 3,500 lbs with 2 occupants when equipped with a transmission cooler and power steering fluid cooler

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What is a transmission cooler?

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Where is the input speed sensor on a 1995 Chrysler LeBaron?

It is on the front of the transmission, next to the cooler hoses.It is on the front of the transmission, next to the cooler hoses.

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Is repairing an external transmission cooler supposed to make a car stop over-heating?

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