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Q: What is the use for unmanned machinery space USoperations on ships?
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Definition of unmanned machinery space?

Unmanned machinery space is space, defined for vessels with Machinery System Automation, in which no personnel found during a defined period of time.

What are advantages of ums ships?

Unattended machinery space (Unmanned operation E0). Conformity is tested during sea trial.

What is unmanned machinery space?

Engine room or space fitted with sensors and controls for monitoring and responding to machinery operating conditions. This makes it unnecessary for personnel to be present in the space at all times

Will space ships will be real in the future?

They have been real since the early 1960s, however only unmanned robotic space ships have been practical for trips beyond the moon.

What is a unmanned space probe?

an unmanned space probe is a satellite orbiting around the planet

Is a space probe a manned or unmanned spacecraft?

Unmanned - Space probes are a form of robotic spacecraft.

Was there any unmanned space missions on Neptune?

Yes, Voyager II has. (Voyager II is an unmanned space probe).

What was the first unmanned rocket ship put into space?

The first unmanned rocket to fly in space was the Russian Sputnik.

What difficulties are there with unmanned space travel?

Normallly space ships cant fly themselves (unless its remotley controlled froma base) or fix themselves when they malfunction, which requires trained astro/cosmonauts

Is space prodes manned or unmanned?

normally they are unmanned but sometimes they do have people sent up

Are space telescopes manned or unmanned satellites?

All space telescopes are unmanned - unless you want to count the small telescopes on the Shuttle or IIS as space telescopes.

Do space probes carry humans?

No, space probes are unmanned.