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What is the use of a tripod?

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The use of the tripod is to stand things on top of it in science. A tripod is used primarily to make the camera steady and give almost-hands free shooting ability.

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Is a photographer likelt to use a tripod?

is a phohotographer likely to use a tripod

How do you use tripod in a sentence?

Please give me the tripod.

Can you use tripod in a sentences?

Please hand me the tripod.

Use tripod in a sentence?

Tripod is a word. Alternatively you could go for: I steadied my camera with my tripod.

Can you give me a sentence with the word tripod?

Can I use your tripod for my camera

Can you give me a sentence using the word tripod?

I can't use a tripod for a 'selfie'. The survey equipment still requires a tripod.

Is a photograph likely to use a tripod?

If the camera needs to be set for long exposure, a tripod is necessary.

What is the use of tripod in a chemistry lab?

A tripod is used as support for glassware/ceramic ware during heating.

Who use a tripod and a dark room?

A photographer.

Can I use a tripod on an air rifle?


Who uses a tripod and a darkroom starting with p?

A photographer uses a tripod, camera, and (some photographers) use a darkroom.

What are the release dates for X-Poser How to Use Your Tripod - 2008?

X-Poser How to Use Your Tripod - 2008 was released on: USA: September 2008

What is the use of tripod in experiments?

to support glassware when heating..

What is a tripod dolly?

A tripod with wheels is called a tripod dolly.

Did Annie Leibovitz use a tripod?

Yes, Annie Leibovitz did use a tripod during some of her photographic sessions to steady her camera. She also used a variety of lighting techniques.

Is there a tripod ment for long zoom lenses?

Any tripod that is made for professional use should be trongs enough to stead a zoom lens.

What type of tripod would you use to pan smoothly?


Where is the G's for the Bakugan tripod?

It depends which gate card you use

How do you avoid motion blur in a picture?

Use a tripod, or set the camera on a solid surface. If you can't use a tripod, try taking a deep breath and hold it while you operate the shutter.

What do you get if you cross a puddle with a tripod?

A wet tripod

What is the scientific symbol for a tripod?

^, is the symbol for a tripod.

Can you use a canon tripod on all canon video cameras?


What is the best tripod to use with a 5d mark2 camera and 100-400mm lens?

Any Gitzo tripod, like the carbon fiber 6X series.

What is a good tripod to use when hiking?

You want a lightweight tripod for hiking.The Vista Explorer 60" is one option,but you simply search for lightweight tripod and then check the weights.Hiking with over 40 lbs is a real bother,so it might not be worth it.

Is a photographer most likely to use a tripod?

There are different types of tactics in photography. Many traditional photographers (ones who shoot landscapes or portraits) will. Many artistic or urban photographers will usually use tripod and their hands.