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Sometimes broken ribs are wrapped with a bandage around the body; but there is not much you can do except let them heal.

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2009-09-27 21:34:54
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Q: What is the usual treatment for broken ribs?
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What is usual treatment for broken ribs?

There really is no treatment except ice it and take it easy. In more severe cases pain meds may be prescribed.----------------------------Added by Doczee:Along with Broken Ribs comes the Extreme Pain from taking a deep breath.As much as it does hurt, the person with the Broken ribs SHOULD try to breath normally and take those deep breaths when the body needs it.Short breaths may ease the pain when breathing. But in the long run, can do more harm then good as, moisture, mucous, and fluids can build up in the lungs and lead to pneumoniaand/or other infections.

What do cows act like if it has a broken rib?

They may be off of feed, short of breath, standing for long periods of time, you may be able to see an abnormal positioning of the ribs if they are broken. If you suspect that the animal does have broken ribs, it is recommended that you call your veterinarian for treatment.

What does broken displaced ribs mean?

The ribs are broken and not in their normal place in the body.

Can you break your ribs?

Yes, ribs can be broken.

What is the treatment for broken ribs?

Usually not much. Take it easy until they heal. In rare cases the torso gets bandaged.

Do you put a cast on broken ribs?

No, they do not put a cast on broken ribs, they simply have to heal over time.

What are cracked ribs?

Ribs that have a crack in them, but are not broken all the way through.

Why do i have sharp burning pain in healing broken ribs?

why is there burning in my ribs

How do you treat broken ribs?

If you are asking how to tell if you have broken ribs, there is no way to know for sure without an x-ray, but if they hurt all the time, especially when you are breathing, then you probably do have one or more broken ribs.

Can broken ribs be fixed?

yes they can.

What do you do for broken ribs?

Go to the Hospital

Is a hot tub good for broken ribs?

No because it wont do anything for your ribs.

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