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What is the value of 1983 Honda 450 motorcycle?

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βˆ™ 2008-02-16 17:17:31

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I payed $900 for a '82 Honda 450, but it would depend on the mileage, and condition of the bike, to determine the value. Not to mention how much your willing to pay.

2008-02-16 17:17:31
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Q: What is the value of 1983 Honda 450 motorcycle?
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no the Honda 450 has a slight bigger oil filter the 450 has a 116 and the 300 has a 113

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only if it is four stroke motorcycle oil that is compatible with automatic clutches.

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One can find reviews for the Honda CRF 450 motorbike on the website Product Review, the Australian version of the website. One can also find similar reviews on the websites Dirt Rider and Motorcycle Daily.

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Forty years ago, a new 450 cc Honda motorcycle cost 520 British pounds in England. In 1973, you could get a new Harley Davidson for around $3800 and up in the US.

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about 75mph

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The roof

How much is a 1982 Honda 450 custom in great shape worth?

1 € per cc -> 450€

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450 r 10 times as fast

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This depends on the model we are talking about. The weight of the 2012 Honda Rebel CMX250C is 331 pounds with fuel and ready to drive. The Honda Rebel CMX 450 from 1986 weighs 383.6 pounds dry weight, without fuel and oil. The Honda CA Rebel 125, the 2000 model, weighs 302 pounds dry weight.

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