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What is the value of a 30-30 Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative Winchester Model 94?


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Winchester says they never made a Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative 30-06, but they do have a Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative Model 94 chambered in 30-30. They also have Limited Edition Model 1895s (Teddy Roosevelt's favorite rifle) in the 30-06 caliber that have Roosevelt's picture on the box, but they're not technically Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative models. Hope that helps.

most Winchester comm.rifles are going for 595.00 dollars only if they are new in the original box and have not been fired.

Your Winchester Commemorative rifle will bring 695.00 dollars in the condition that you describe including the hang tags.I for one do not feel that the loss of the original box will effect the price.

Teddy Roosevelt's first gun was a Winchester, model 1876. He ordered it when he was 22 years old. No other gun was shot as much or was as reliable as the Winchester.

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No. FDR was a fifth cousin of Teddy Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt, his wife, was a niece of Teddy Roosevelt.

That rifle was issued in 1969 (Issue price was $135). If unfired with box then about $600.

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Teddy Roosevelt was the president and the Rough Riders were his friends.

Try cabela's commemorative auction or NRA auction (do a Google). A pristine rifle/carbine pair recently sold for $1350 at I expect that since the Winchester Mod 94 is no longer being manufactured that prices will begin to soar for the nicer guns. I expect to get $1000 for my pristine gold plated TR rifle with box, sleeve, paperwork, stinged tag and limited deluxe edition book. The more info and added extras one has, the more collectible; therefore, a higher value. Jerry

Despite the fact that Teddy Roosevelt was indeed a Rough Rider, he was not black.

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Teddy Roosevelt, I believe.

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