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This 30-30 was made in 1917. Winchester Firearms from that era are becoming quite collectable if they are in good condition. The firearm pricing guides give a value of between $1750 and $350 depending on condition and assuming it is fully functional. This also assumes it is a carbine, 20 " barrel, and that it is a standard grade firearm. Extras such as checkering, engraving, or very early production date can add a substantially to its value.

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Q: What is the value of a 30 WCF model 1894 Pat Aug 21 1894 26 inch nickel steel octagonal barrel serial 816901?
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my rifle is a 32 wcf serial number 344802

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Serial number 332055

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The value of a Winchester model 1882 .32WCF octagonal barrel rifle is dependent upon a number of factors. The most important factor being the upkeep and condition.

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It has a nickel steel barrel and is a 12 gauge with a mod choke. It has a nickel steel barrel and is a 12 gauge with a mod choke. It has a nickel steel barrel and is a 12 gauge with a mod choke.

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It depends on what condition it is in and if is factory orginal.

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50-1500 depending on specifics

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Without a detailed description, no way to tell. Broad range of 100-1000 USD.

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Depends greatly on which rolling block, there's to many to specify them all serial/date.

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According to, the year of manufacture for serial number 2416842 is 1960. Not sure about value.

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Your Winchester Model 1890 serial number 667775 was manufactured in August of the year 1920. Bert H.

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made about 1890. value depends on condition............

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Made in 1978.

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$6300.00 fjc have gun will travel

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i would probably place your marlin as having been made in either 1909 or 1910.The last recorded serial number for these rifles was in 1906 with the serial number being 355,300.

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You'll need to repost the question and include the model number as well as the serial.Winchester rifles serial numbers are only unique to a particular model, a '09 can have the same serial number as a '61 or a '94 etc.