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What is the value of a 45 to 50 year old 12 gauge Ithaca Featherweight in good condition?


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Answer value of older Ithaca 37depends on the condition, but you could be as low as $100.00 to 150.00 Canadian. Ithaca 37's do not seem to get a real high price used even though they have been out of business for 20 25 years ? i have a model 37 1974 deluxe 30 " v.r. modified and an deerslayer barrel with 2 stocks one short with recoilpad and one long stock without pad. $450.00 ,about a 925.00 value and i can't sell it.

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My grandfather had this gun, then my dad, now me. It is worth roughly 400-500 dollars pending condition. I recently saw one at Cabelas good condition for $475

what is the value of 12 gauge skb double barrel ithaca 1900 model

Depends on the model and condition. An Ithaca Mdl 37 Featherlight in 16 g in excellent condition is $500-$600 at retail.

The value of a 16 gauge double barrel Ithaca shotgun with the serial number 461934 is determined by its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued at 325.00 as of 2014.

Depending on the condition of this weapon, it is valued between $175 and $300.

I see these selling at for around $150 if it is in good condition.

I usually see these selling on for between $175 and $225.

Depends on condition. Good shape around $800.

The M37 was mge in 1949. Value depends on the condition and gauge, as a 20 would be worth more than a 12.

Sounds like this is a "New Ithaca Double". Depending on condition, I see these selling for $350-$500 on

The value of this gun depends on its condition. It ranges from $75 in poor condition up to $350 in excellent condition.

your gun was made in 1952 it hard to say the value depends on the condition of the gun i would say it could be worth anything from $100 to $500 depends on the condition and who got the Cash to pay for it

it's a flues model built in the mid 1920's. value depends on condition. condition hing

$450-$500 in excellent condition. $200 for a beater.

im not sure but if you sell it some day call 716 873 8800 ask for service thanks use to have one it was stolen looking to replace it

The value of a 12 gauge featherlight shotgun is $800.00 bucks canadian.

Depending on condition and age, between $250.00 and $400.00. The older guns tend to be worth more, and condition will play a part. The 16 gauge was begun in 1938, and was discontinued in the 70's. There is a large "cult" like following for older Featherweights, especially in 16 and 20 gauges. Many consider them the finest pump shotguns ever built. Steve - Gun afficianado

Depending on condition, $300-$400.

Depends entirely on age and condition - neither of which is indicated in the question, so no way to answer.

The Ithaca model 37 feather-light 12 gauge shotgun serial number 371269762 is valued at $200 in fair condition. In good condition, it is valued at $925.

The gun was made in 1924. Value has a lot to do with its overall condition, what gauge it is, which model and grade it is, etc. For a 12 GA double in very good condition, the value is probaby between $300 and $500. Watch for similar guns on to get an estimate of its market value.

I'm not familiar with the "red buck" terminology. Is that a Deerslayer model? If so, a 12 gauge in good condition will probably be worth $350 - $450.

Is this a double barrel or pump? Can you give a little more description?

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