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If complete and fully functional, $150-$250, depending on condition. If broken or rusted, a lot less. If in new condition, maybe a little more to the right buyer.

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Crescent firearms 12 gauge double barrel shotgun the number stamped on the receiver is 287534 It also is stamped Peerless model Can you tell me more about this gun's history?

THey were made by crescent firearm company.

What is the value and other information for a Peerless 12 gauge side by side hammerless model 256654 from Crescent Firearms Company?

Depending on condition, perhaps as much as $400-$500.

Crescent firearms the same company as Hopkins and Allen?


Made by Crescent Firearms company?

Many utility grade weapons.

Is the Crescent Firearms Company still in business?

Been out of business for 75+ years

When was Peerless Brewing Company created?

Peerless Brewing Company was created in 2009-10.

When was Peerless Coal Company Store created?

Peerless Coal Company Store was created in 1921.

Who makes the the Berkshire double barrel shotgun?

"The Berkshire" by Meridan Firearms "Berkshire No. 3000" by Crescent Firearms Contrary to popular belief, not the same company.

A butt stock and shell ejector for a NO 15 Empire Ejector made by Crescent Firearms Company?

What was the question?

What is Peerless Brewing Company's population?

The population of Peerless Brewing Company is 4.

How much is a crescent firearms company number 60 empire hammerless serial number 39499?


How do you determine the model of a Crescent Shotgun when it has nothing but the Serial Number on it other then the name Crescent Firearms Company USA I cannot read the city name other then North?

Basically, you can't.

What is peerless insurance used for?

Peerless Insurance is an insurance company that specializes in catering to small businesses and their owners. They are a subsidiary company of Liberty Mutual insurance.

What is the value of a 106 year old side-by-side shotgun made by Crescent Firearms Company in Connecticut?

50-100 USD

Who made tru-test guns?

At least one company that made guns marked with the Tru Test label was Crescent firearms.

How do you find information about a 410 single shot built for Crescent in Eibar Spain about 40-45 years ago sn 53145?

There was no Crescent Firearms Co after 1935 when the company was purchased by Savage/Stevens.

What year was this 12 gauge Victor Ejector serial number 360352 made. Any idea if there is any historical value. It appears to be an old piece of junk?

the Victor line of shotguns were made by Crescent Firearms Company, circa 1904-1920 Crescent was a sub contractor for many different shotgun distributors........... Crescent firearms were not high on collectors list..................

Who is a Mississippi Valley Arms 12 gauge made by?

Mississippi Valley Arms Company: Trade name by the H. & D. Folsom Arms Company on firearms made for the Shapleigh Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri. Folsom was a wholesale/retail company and the guns were manufactured by their subsidiary company, Crescent Firearms of Meriden, CT, or by various Belgian makers.

Can you give me the history and price of a 410 single shot shotgun made by the Crescent Firearms Co in Norwich Conn It is called a Empiro Ejector.?

Around 1892 Crescent firearms manufactured shotguns under a variety of names. In 1930 H & D Folsom Arms sold their Crescent Fire Arms company to Savage Arms and Savage combined Crescent with Davis Warner Arms Corp., as Crescent-Davis Arms Corporation. Your shotguns value, in good condition, is about $150.

Is peerless insurance a reliable insurance company?

Yes, Peerless Insurance seems to be a reliable insurance company and not one of the many insurance scams that plagues the insurance scene. Good luck!

Is there any history on Crescent Firearms double barrel 12ga peerless model?

You won't find history of any particular Crescent double barrel model. They basically made one or two models and marked them with whatever name the retailer wanted. Well over 100 different trade names have been found on Crescents. The company was formed in Norwich, Ct, in 1892 and bought by H&D Folsom Sporting Goods the following year. Around 1926 Crescent was sold to Stevens (which was already owned by Savage) then merged with NR Davis (which they also purchased) to form Crescent-Davis Arms. The Crescent name disappeared completely about 1932.

Where can you find information about 2 Hartford Firearms 12 gauge shot guns side by side both in very good condition one has serial?

Firearms marked Hartford were manufactured by Crescent Firearms for the Simmons Hardware Company of St Louis c. 1890-1930.

When were Wolverine shotguns manufactured by Crescent Firearms Company?

Prior to 1930, certainly. Wolverine Arms Co was a tradename used by Fletcher Hardware in Wilmington NC.

Were is Freemont Arms Co located?

It's not a real company. This was a trade name used on shotguns produced by Crescent Firearms, Norwich, Connecticut, from 1893-1932.

What is the history of the Howard Firearms Company?

HOWARD ARMS CO. was a tradename on shotguns used by the hardware store Fred Bifflar & Company of Chicago, Illinois. They were made by Crescent Fire Arms Company which was purchased by Stevens which was purchased by Savage Arms.