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What is the value of a Marlin 336 serial Z12300 in great shape?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-27 11:09:00

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$225-$300 in top condition.

2006-07-27 11:09:00
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Q: What is the value of a Marlin 336 serial Z12300 in great shape?
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What is the value of a 22 Marlin Model 56 in great shape with no serial number?

Probably no more the $90 since it lacks a serial number. It may be looked on as possibly stolen and many gun dealers want no part of it.

What is the value of a marlin 336cs in good shape serial number 17016968?

Its value is between 275-350 dollars.

What is a 1956 Marlin 39a lever action 22 in great shape worth Serial number prefix N12XX?

It's a 1955 since it has the 'N' prefix. I would guess that you could get $350 for it in good shape at auction. But I'm just guessing. I have a 1956 model with the 'P' prefix.

What is the value of 30-30 win marlin 30 AW serial 05068241 with a micro groove barrel?

$350-400 in PERFECT shape.

How much is a marlin 3030 model AW serial number 05068241 worth?

MSRP new was $447.00. The serial tells that it was made in 1995 (first 2 #'s minus 100). You could get between 340-400 if it is in PERFECT shape.

What is the age and value of a 30-30 Marlin 93 serial 1085 with a 20 inch barrel and a two thirds magazine?

It could be anywhere from $300 to $750, depending on what kind of shape it is in.

What is the value of Marlin 336 RC manufactured in New Haven Conn with the serial number j24009?

1952 gun. In excellent shape, can reach $300. In typical shape, $200. Try reposting with a description of the condition. Without that it could be a $50 gun, or a $250 gun.

What it worth Marlin 1894 38-40 oct barrel mfg 1895?

I have a 1891,1894 with the patent numbers and in really great shape the price will be about $2000.00 to $2600.00 dollars i seen one at a gun show it was in bad shape he wanted $1200.00 for it

What is the value and age of a marlin 30-30 model 30AS serial 08026527?

"08" would make your gun a 1992 vintage. Value is around $200 in good shape, maybe a bit more in like new.

What kind of fish form the shape of an arrow and mock Marlin in Finding Nemo?


Old browning 16 ga model a5 serial 113566 What is it worth in great shape?


What is the value of Musket marked made in Italy for Charles Daly serial 135914 black powder only 50 cal?

the value is based on the shape it is in for great shape it would fetch 500 to 800 at auction

What is the value of a Colt Service Model Ace 22 lr serial number sm 18244 in great shape?

50-2000 USD depending on specifics.

What is a marlin 22 model 6082 worth?

If the gun is in perfect shape it is worth not more than $100

Used marlin model 55 goose gun what is it worth?

$80- $150, if it has the magazine, and if it's in decent shape.

What is the age and value of a Marlin Golden 39-A Mountie with serial S 228xx in immaculate shape?

I just turned 60 years old (Oct. 2007). I bought a used marlin golden 39-A mountie serial # R 196XX. It could not have been more than ten years old? Very accurate and it came with a Lyman peep sight as well as iron sights. 16 Micro Grove barrel. One of my best and favourite guns. Lots of memories. A most beautiful gun. The year of manufacture for S = 1958-1959.

What is the shape of the Great Wall of China?

odd shape circle

What is the value of a S and W revolver Model M 3rd model hand ejector in great shape serial 14126 also called LadySmith?

ask question at: S&

When was a Marlin Glenfield Model 60 with a squirrel on the stock last made?

My wife received one of these Glenfield Model 60s new around 1974 plus or minus a year. It has a serial number 23XXXXXX. A serial number of 23XXXXX would have been manufactured in 1977. To figure out the Mod. 60 Glenfield/Marlin is to subtract the first two numbers from 2000. For example, my rifle with the squirrel on the butt is serial # 22XXXXXXX therefore it is made in 1978. What I would like to know is if the rifles with the squirell on them were made for a particular customer or store? Tim I received a model 99 Marlin .22 with a squirrell on the stock in 1968. It was purchased by mail from Spiegel for around 50.00. I don't know if that info helps... I bought one at either Walmart or Kmart back in 1978. I am looking for the magazine tube for it. Randy Tim, I have a Glenfeild 22 long marlin that was my mothers, Serial 20xxxxxx, it has a squirrel on the handle also, i live in New Mexico, have no idea where the gun was purchased originally but will be working to find out, I am pretty sure however the gun is bought locally to New Mexico.... Chuck I have a Glenfield/Marlin Model 60 with the squirrel on the grip, that my Dad purchased in the early 70's, can't remember the exact year.... (the serial number begins 72xxxxxx), so possibly 1972. I do remember that we bought it at Sears & Roebuck, in North Carolina. I still have the rifle, it's in good shape and works great! Joe

What is the average price of a Mazda RX7?

$2000 for a non turbo in great shape and $4000 for a turbo in great shape

What is the value of a marlin model 30AW 30-30?

NEW around $500. USED in good shape $300 - 350

Marlin 1889 3220 take down rifle whats it worth?

anywhere from $500.00 to several thousand depending on the shape the weapon is in.

How old is a coronet with serial number 862809 and its value in good shape?

A serial number is useless without knowing which company made the horn.

What is value of octagon barrel old 94 rifle?

first is a Winchester or a marlin? what calibre? what shape? condition is all important in gun values

Your friend has a Sears 16 gauge long tom shotgun serial 624146 still fires is it worth anything?

If it is in great shape $100 to $200. I know someone who would buy it from you.