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What is the value of a frost cutlery stainless steel knife?


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October 11, 2010 8:45AM

The value may vary from knife to knife. Normally, Frost kitchen cutlery is purchased in sets at about $60 dollars. Follow this line. Go to>Kitchen cutlery>Block sets>picture of knives.

When sold individually; a chef knife is sold for $30-35,carving $20-25, bread $12-15,utility $10-14, paring $8-12. The reason for this pricing is these knives are forged instead of stamped (flat-styled knife). A stamped knife has a lower price, therefore, a lower value.

Generally speaking...and that means 99% of the time...Frost knives, which are of course ALL manufactured in China, Pakistan, or India...are constructed of the least expensive stainless steel that can be shaped into anything resembling a knife.

440A, 420, 14000 Series from Germany, etc, all steels suitable for butterknives and cheap K-Mart screws and/or hinges. Not that any of the above steels are in and of themselves bottom of the barrel...low quality but not the worst...but with horrible heat treatments such as is done by Frost's Chinese business partners, they should not be considered suitable blade materials.

The average 5" fixed blade from China, purchased in lots of at least 200-250, go for approximately $2.00, shipping included, to the Frost warehouse in Tennessee. In the quantity Frost purchases, that cost goes down considerably.