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AnswerAccording to the Remington website, the Model 514 .22 single shot bolt action rifle was manufactured from 1948 until 1971. I paid $19.00 for mine, in 1960. When I finally traded it in, in the early 80's, it was listed in a book of gun values at $75. They made a 514A, with a full sized stock, and a 514BC, or boy's carbine. The latter had a shorter stock and barrel to fit younger shooters. If you're looking at one to buy, be sure to check the spot where the extractor on the front of the bolt fits into the notch on the chamber end of the barrel. The weakness was that the extractor would wear that spot out until it was sufficiently oversized to cause extraction problems. I would suggest looking it up in a current edition of one of the books on gun values that are published. I think Peterson Press, the publishers of Guns and Ammo magazine, put one of those out, or used to. Value of any old firearm depends on it's condition, it's relative rarity, and whether or not anyone wants to buy it. I wouldn't take less than $75, as that's what I got for mine, in excellent condition, in the early 80's. When you say 50% condition, I envision a rifle that's been used a lot. If the bluing is seriously worn, stock dinged up from normal use and so on, I'd say the price will go down accordingly. Allowing for inflation, and based on my selling price way back when, you might get $50 to $75. Considering you can get a new .22 from Walmart from under $100, it all depends on how badly someone wants your rifle. AnswerAuction arms has 1 listed min bid $300.00 buy it now $500.00 also the other guy is wrong on date of production mine was made in 1926. AnswerThe Remington website list dates of manufacture of the Model 514 as 1948-1971. I've never seen a 514 sell for much more than $100 in excellent condition.


the 514 is an American favorite and is sought by collectors and enthusiasts everywhere, the gun in "rough" or 50% cond. could bring in as much as $50.00-$90.00 at auction, where as the 514 BC or youth model was only made between 1961-1971 and is not nearly as common, i have only seen one and i bought it in 90-95% cond. i paid nearly $200.00 including shipping and transfer costs so to answer your question - whatever the market will bear.

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Q: What is the value of an all-original Remington Model 514 in 50 percent condition?
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