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The value of any coin is determined, in part, by the date on the coin, the mint mark of the coin and the condition of the coin. These three bits of information are required to establish value.


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It's a novelty coin and it was not done at the mint and has no collectible value at all

Depending on the actual grade and color of the coin, value can be as high as $3.00

A Mint State 1971 Kennedy has a retail value of $1.00-$2.00

Uncirculated 40% silver Kennedy half's are very common. Average retail values for most are $4.00-$4.25.

what is the value of a 1883 Indian head Penney

Kennedy is on the US half dollar (50 cent) coin and Lincoln is on the penny (1 cent) coin.

1958 uncirculated Lincoln Wheat Pennies are worth $0.20 each. An original uncirculated roll (50) is worth $6.00

It depends very much on the coin's date. Please check the questions "What is the value of a <date> Kennedy half dollar?". E.g. if your coin is from 1969, look for "What is the value of a 1969 Kennedy half dollar?".

7-1-11>>> So many of the 1964 Kennedy halves were made and saved even uncirculated coins are only valued for the silver, about $12.00

The value of a 1910 Lincoln cent in average circulated coindition is 25 cents to about $2.00.

These are not silver and are worth only face value unless they are uncirculated or have a "S" mintmark.

These are not silver and are worth only face value unless they are uncirculated or have the mintmark "S".

The 1959 Lincoln cent is still in circulation and is only face value. A brilliant uncirculated coin may be worth 10 cents.

The 1990 Lincoln Cent in circulated conditions has a value of one cent. In uncirculated conditions it has a value of about $1 at MS-65 and as much as $2,700 in MS-69.

good- 9 dollars Fine- 16 dollars Extra fine- 46 dollars Uncirculated- 135 dollars

1964 is such a common date that even uncirculated Kennedy halves don't have any value above the silver content. There were hundreds of millions of them minted, and most people hoarded them because of their fondness for Kennedy. At current silver prices, those coins are worth $10 each.

Its probably worth face value or maybe a coins dealer may be able to help you with the real value.

Unless it is a proof coin or a very high-grade uncirculated coin, it's face value.

Retail for circulated coins is 5 to 15 cents. Excellent uncirculated examples are under a dollar

the 1972 Kennedy half dollar is worth 50 cents in circulated condition, or about a dollar in uncirculated condition

August 21, 2009 The color of the Lincoln Cent affects its value but since the 1968-S is a relatively recent coin and the condition of interest is uncirculated, the values shown will be for a Brilliant Red Uncirculated coin. Also, there are numerous grades of "uncirculated" which apply to the 1968-S Lincoln Cent. Those grades and their associated values are shown in the following list: Uncirculated Grades............1968-S MS64....................................$7 MS65....................................$12 MS66....................................$25 MS67....................................$312

Current retail value for a MS-63 coin is $1.50

7-26-11>>> A 1910 Lincoln cent that is uncirculated has a minimum value of $10.00. The value does go up, but it depends on the actual grade and color of the coin.

Late '60s to mid '70s Lincoln cents with the Kennedy engraving are a novelty with very little collector value.

About a nickel, unless it's uncirculated. In that case it's worth about $1.15

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