What is the verb of permitted?

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Permit is a verb. It has accent on the second syllable -- perMIT.

She will not permit me to smoke in the house.

Permit is a noun. It has the accent on the first syllable -- PERmit

I need a permit to build garage.

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To permit

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Q: What is the verb of permitted?
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What part of speech is permitted?

Permitted is a verb.

How would you use the word permitted in sentences?

Example sentences:We were permitted to leave work early on New Year's Eve. (verb)My luggage exceeds the permitted weight. (adjective)

How do you spell alowd?

There are two words that sound alike:aloud (adjective) - able to be heard, out loudallowed (past tense verb) - permitted, authorized

Is copyright a verb adjective or noun?

The word 'copyright' is a verb, an adjective, and a noun.EXAMPLESverb: You should copyright your logo to protect the name of your business.adjective: Check the copyright date inside the cover of the book.noun: Material with a copyright is not permitted in answer boxes on this site.

What is a sentence for permitted?

They were told they would need a permit from the city if they were going to stage a protest. She was excited about receiving her driving permit.

What is the adverb for permitting?

The verb "to permit" forms the adjectives permitting and permitted from the participles. However, neither has an adverb form. The closest related adverb may be permissively, but this has connotations beyond permitting. Adverbs that can modify permitting as a participial verb include foolishly, inadvertently, or unknowingly.

Does allowance have two parts of speech?

Not in modern English, where allowance is always a noun. But it has gained a specific connotation from its use to mean "stipend" (especially funds provided to family and children). Otherwise, it means a permitted amount or permitted deviation.There was an archaic use as a verb meaning to grant such a regular stipend.

Who was permitted to vote?

The men were permitted to vote but not the women

What are the homonyms of with the voice and permitted?

with the voice = aloud permitted = allowed

Are permitted or has permitted?

Both are correct, it depends on how they are used in the sentence.

Not permitted by the constitution?

Something that is not permitted by the constitution is unconstitutional and illegal.

How can you use permitted in a sentence?

The child was not permitted to leave the house.

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