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About 24 grams

ANSWER: The weight of a 90% silver half dollar is 12.50 grams

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The weight of the U.S. silver half dollar has changed over the course of it's history. In 1794 the silver half dollar weighed 13.48 grams and was 89.24 % silver. Then in 1836 the silver half dollar weight was changed to 13.36 grams and was 90% silver. In 1892 the silver half dollar weight was again changed to 12.50 grams which was the weight used until the final 90% silver half dollar struck for circulation was issued in 1964.

The coins have an Actual Silver Weight (ASW) of .36169oz of pure silver.

net weight: .1479 oz net weight of silver- .05916 oz.

The 1965-1969 Kennedy's are only 40% silver and the actual silver weight is .14792oz of pure silver.

A 1965 Kennedy half dollar is 40% silver. It has a total weight of 11.5 grams.

The coins have an Actual Silver Weight (ASW) of .36169oz of pure silver.

No, a silver dollar does not equal a half dollar. Instead, in the USA it equals a full dollar.

Silver - 12.5 grams Copper-nickel - 11.4 grams

A 1936 Walking Liberty half dollar has .36169oz of silver.

A 1966 Kennedy half dollar contains 40% silver. The weight of the silver is 0.1479 troy ounces. In circulated condition these coins are worth approximately $3.50 due to their silver content.

The last silver half dollar was minted in 1969.

There is no silver in a 1972 US half dollar.

The 1968 Kennedy half dollar is only 40% silver.

An 1870 US Half Dollar weighs 12.44grams and is 90% silver, giving it an ASW (Actual Silver Weight) of 11.196 grams or 0.36 troy ounces.

All silver half dollars, including the 1964 Kennedy, weigh 12.5 grams.

.14792 oz of pure silver in a 40% half dollar.

Either a "wheat penny", silver dime, silver quarter, silver half dollar, half dollar, dollar, bicentenial quarter half-dollar dollar, error coin

A Franklin half dollar contains approximately .36oz of silver

A Walking Liberty half dollar has .36169oz of silver.

Silver: 12.5 g; Silver-clad: 11.5 g; Copper-nickel clad: 11.34 g

The total weight of the coin is 12.50 grams. It has .36169 oz. of pure silver.

Not all silver. It is referred to as silver clad. Silver on both sides (40% by weight) with copper in the center. The semi-solid silver Kennedy half dollar stopped production in 1964, made of 90% silver. See the related link for more information.

The 1969 Kennedy half dollar is only 40% silver with a value about $3.25