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What is the wire diagram for the radio on a 1995 Hyundai Scoupe?

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depending on your engine type some 1994 Hyundai scoupe engines will work and some 1995 Hyundai scoupe engines will work some engines were turbo and some had a distributor and others had coil packs

You can find a 1995 Hyundai wiring diagram at your local Hyundai dealership. Hyundai service manuals will also have the wiring diagram and can be found at your local library.

There is none on the 95 it uses a crank pickup to fire the plugs and a coil for each plug

its behind the engine block and is quite eay to change ask if u need more help

You can find a radio wiring diagram for a Ford Fiesta 1995 in the vehicle's owner's manual. You can also find it in the radio manual.

When working on anything electrical it is important to have a diagram for safety reasons. The wiring diagram for a 1995 Toyota pickup radio can be found in the maintenance manual.

You can get the wiring diagram for a 1995 Lincoln JBL radio at auto part stores. You can also check in the owner's manual.

my code is 1564 for 95 Hyundai accentFromHyundai OwnerEach Hyundai will come with a card this card contains the code to you radio without this card the radio will not unlock because of the theft system.

use this website helped me..

Go to they will have your wiring diagram for free.

Your owner's manual will contain this information. color codes and information

scoupe turbo engine, tiburon's 2.0 engine, 1998-99 Mitsubishi eclipse... all of this engines fit but some modifications have to be done mainly in the engine mounts

A 1995 Hyundai is a fuel injected engine, and it does not have a choke.

Once you get the radio serial # (on the back of the radio or in the glove compartment) and the vehicle VIN number, you can call Hyundai Customer Service (USA - 1-800-633-5151) or (Canada - 1-800-461-8242) and they can give you the 4 digit code needed to reset the radio. This is the process I took with my 1995 Hyundai Sonata.

Open your glove box, on the right side (inside) on the glove box door there should be a # diagram with your code.

how do you remouve engine mounts on 1995 Hyundai sonata

Find a card which come with the car. Enter 4 numbers from the card using radio station preset buttons 1-6

Fuse box diagram for 1995 silverado 1500

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