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What is the word for underweight?

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What word starts with a you and ends with t and has 11 letters in it?


What is underweight in a sentence?

My mom is underweight cause she extrasises

What year did underweight begin?

There have always been underweight people.

What is the difference between malnourishment and being underweight?


How much do you feed an underweight lab?

There is no such thing as an underweight lab; this is a trick question.

Is 97 or 98 pounds underweight or overweight?

It depends on your height if that is underweight or overweight.

Is 29 KG underweight for a 10 year old?

Yeah you're underweight

Is it bad to be underweight?

Yes and no. If you are underweight and not healthy, then that's a problem. If you are healthy and have no issues according to your doctor, being underweight shouldn't be a problem. I am underweight by twenty pounds, and I have no issues besides ability to fight colds, but hey, don't we all?

What body mass index for a person who is underweight?

18.5 and anything below is underweight for an adult.

Is a bmi of 18 underweight?

Yes, usually when your BMI hits 18.5 you are considered underweight

What are the consequences of a dancer being underweight?

Being underweight is bad...... (Said no man ever)

What is the weight to be underweight for an 11 year old?

If you are underweight you would be 55 to 65 pounds

How much does Halle Berry weigh?

Halle Berry Weighs 112 she underweight Halle Berry Weighs 112 she underweight Halle Berry Weighs 112 she underweight

Is a 105 lb 17-year-old underweight?

no your not underweight you about the right size

What are the known health risks of being underweight?

If you are underweight then you can become mall nourished and not get enough vitamins

Is a Bmi of 20 underweight?

A bmi of 20 is not underweight, but is still a lower than average bmi. For the average adult, under 18.5 is underweight, and 18.5 to 24.9 is a healthy weight.

Are you underweight or normal if you're 17 and 5'4 and only weigh 109.6?

The BMI for this is 18.7. Underweight is below 18.5 and normal weight is 18.5-24.9 You've just passed underweight.

If you are 55kg 5'6 and 15 are you overweight or underweight?

You are not considered overweight or underweight at this amount. You are right on track of where you should be.

Can you use emacinted in a sentence?

Emaciated means becoming underweight. A sentence with the word, "The girl did not eat like she should and become emaciated."

What percentile BMI standard for teens is underweight?

A BMI below the 5th percentile is underweight, and a BMI below the 3rd percentile is severely underweight. Here are all the weight ranges for ages 2-20:100th Severely Obese95th - 99th Obese85th - 94th Overweight5th - 84th Healthy3rd - 4th Underweight0th - 2nd Severely Underweight

If I am 5'8 i weight 120 lbs am i underweight?

Techinically, your BMI (Body Mass Index) would be just above 18, so a little underweight. (Underweight begins at lower than 18.5.)

What is the opposite of overweight?


Can you die if you are underweight?


Can you be FAT and underweight?

no its impossible to have that.

How do underweight kids lose weight?

Why would an underweight kid want to lose weight anyways? That's not healthy!

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