What is the worlds biggest dam?

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The Three Gorges Dam in China.

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Worlds biggest earth filed dam is?

Tarbela Dam, Pakistan

Worlds 3 biggest dams?

Three gorges dam, Itipe dam, fort pec

Which is the worlds biggest earth filed dam?

I believe it is the Fort Peck Dam in Montana, US.

Worlds biggest arch dam?

The second largest arch dam is in india,kerala- Idukki Reservoir

What is Zambia most famous for?

I would say it's most famous for Victoria Falls, the worlds biggest waterfall, and also for Kariba Dam which was Africa's biggest dam when built.

What is the worlds biggest beaver dam?

The world's largest beaver dam was recently discovered in northern Alberta, Canada. It is estimated to be about 850 metres long.

What is the biggest dam in the Philippines?

what is the biggest dam

Where is Asia's biggest dam?

Is tarbela dam asia's biggest dam

Which is the biggest dam in kerala?

Malampuzha dam in Palakkad district is the biggest dam..... But it is not a hydro electric project.

Is Tehri dam is the biggest dam of Asia?

Tehri Dam is the biggest dam in Asia. It is situated on Bhagirathi river in Uttarakhand, India.

Which is the Pakistan's biggest dam?

The Tarbela Dam is not only Pakistan's biggest dam, but also the world's largest earth-filled dam!

What is the top ten biggest dam in the world?

what is the biggest dam in the world?(wrong answer)

What are the biggest lakes in South Africa?

The Biggest Dam is the Vaal Dam but i'm not sure about the biggest lake. Lake = natural Dam = man made

Where is the biggest earth dam located?

the biggest earth dam is located in Pakistan name is torbella dam in kpk

WHAT is the biggest dam in Europe?

the Alqueva dam located on the Guadian river in the Alentejo region is the biggest dam in Europe.

The worlds largest hydroelectric dam?

Three Gorges Dam

Is the Aswan Dam the biggest dam in the world?


Which is the biggest dam of India?

tehri dam on bhagirathi river is the highest dam in india. hirakud dam is the longest dam in india. but bhakhra nangal is the biggest.... ....................anupam anand.

Why is Koyna Dam famous?

Koyna dam is India's biggest dam.

Which is the world's longest dam in the world?

The worlds longest dam is Hirakud Dam in Orissa, India.

Worlds biggest bug?

the worlds biggest bug is a teranchilla

Which is the worlds longest dam?

Hiraku dam is the longest major earthen dam in Asia. The largest dam in the world is the Syncrude Tailings Dam.

Biggest gravity dam in India?

bakra dam

Which is the biggest dam in India?

bhakhda nangal dam

Which is the biggest dam of Tamil nadu?

mettur Dam