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What is the worst drink for you in the summer time?

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What is the worst time of year to visit a desert?

The summer months are the best months to avoid the desert.

What is the worst that can happen if you drink and do pot at the same time?

you will die or at least look like an idiot.

What is the worst time to cruise to Mexico?

Winter is the worst time to take a cruise to Mexico, and the best time is in the middle of the summer so it is warm there and here so you and whoever you are going with if anyone don't catch a cold.

When would the best time to go to the desert be?

in the summer is the worst time to go to the national park in Colorado the best time is the spring or fall

What time of year does Venice smell worst?

I was there in the summer, and it didn't smell at all. Paris on the other hand....

What soft drink is the worst for your teeth?

The worst for your teeth is RC cola.

What is the worst energy drink?

i would say the worst energy drink that has the worst crash is red bull naw amn srry but it is one of our favs ROCKSTAR ORIGINAL

What is lemonade drink?

A lemonade drink is a drink that you can drink with lemon flavors in it. People mostly drink it in the summer time. It gets its name LEMONade because it has lemony stuff in it and can be sour or sweet if you put sugar in it. yeah

Is Coca-Cola the worst soft drink to drink?

No, mountin dew is the worst! It has so much gas if you have alot it can kill you!

What is the worst time to go to Disney?

Either in the Winter or right dab in the middle of Summer. (Because it would be jam packed)

What is the worst pop to drink?

mountain dew

What is the worst soda you can drink?

red bull

What is the worst insulator for a cold drink?


What were the worst years of the Holocaust?

In my opinion, the summer of 1944 was the worst period of the Holocaust. The deportations of massive amounts of Jews occurred this summer to Aushwitz, almost 1 millions human beings in one summer.

Is is bad to drink soda in the morning?

Yes, it is very unhealthy to drink soda in the morning. Soda can cause changes in your body if you drink it at a time where you are not fully energized. It may cause changes in your energy level and it increases the risk of tooth corruption if you drink it in the morning. Try drinking a glass of orange juice or milk. Soda is bad to drink at any time, but the morning is the worst time.

What do people in kenya drink?

Water, coffee and in the summer, when there is no water to drink, they drink porcupine urine.

What is the worst thing Monster energy drinks can do to you?

cauz heart conditions but i know that and i still drink em all da time

When is it a bad time to go to Venice?

Summer and spring are the worst. Venice nearly triples its population during the summer. I recommend going in the fall or early spring. Its usually light jacket weather then.

What is the worst alcoholic drink?

All alcoholic drinks can harm or kill you but the worst is probably vodka or whiskey

When is the worst time to buy vacation packages to Yosemite National Park?

The early summer and spring: This is due to the large volume of summer tourist so they bring the prices up to make more money.

Where is buttermilk consumed in large numbers?

In India in summer time it acts as a cool drink and sells more than coke

What are three sentences for the word summer?

I can't wait for the summer holiday to start.What are your plans for the summer?The drink was called Summer Punch.

What fizzy drink is worst for your teeth?

Coke Coke is bad for your teeth, if you drink to much your teeth will fall out

Is coke the worst health drink?

No, It's the best for forget about water Drink coca-cola its good for you

Which energy drink is the worst for your body?

Red bull is worst for you.Its so dangerous it is even banned in some countries!!