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What is the worst that can happen if you continue to drive a 92 Ford Ranger XLT with a crack in the steering column?


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2004-11-03 09:23:23
2004-11-03 09:23:23

I've never heard of a crack in the column but since it has something to do with the steering, I would have it at least looked at.


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Haha, i had that happen a while back in my Ranger, i cant give you a for sure answer but i do know it has something to do with a spark somewhere in your steering column... I fixed it by going under the hood and finding the plug for the wipers and unplugging it for a few minutes and plugging it back in... I feel your pain.

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Our '02 Forester is doing the same thing.... and it may be due to cold temps, at least that's when it started. I found that if I loosen the tilt lever and move the steering column up and down, the shift release lock button will depress and I can shift into park. This still doesn't mean it won't happen again when I stop at the drivethrough though. I suspect a sensor has gone bad in the steering column.

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