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What is the writing style in of studies by Francis Bacon?



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Hello! I have read Francis Bacon's " Of Studies" which tackled all about the Studies-learning.... though it was a long time since i had stopped reading poems and articles of our great forerunners of literature however, i found this interesting in such a way that this essay is only of one paragraph and is able to use the Parallel structure or Parallellism by using pairs or series of related words,phrases and clauses. As you can see, he (Bacon) had more used of the punctuations such as colon, semi-colon,comma.. tri and tetra to some extent.And was able to balance the words inside it by using them beside one another. For short : Parallelism is the writing style that Francis Bacon used in his essay- a concise one paragaraph! Here are much easier examples with simple language that are examples of a parallel structure because most of you (students) have difficulty in understanding the OLD ENGLISH words such as Maketh- for makes , doth-for does.... "Buy a bucket of chicken and have a barrel of fun" -(KFC Advertisement) "It is by Logic we prove but by intuition we discover"-(Leonardo da Vinci) -from a concerned person who's trying to help- Mr. HPM ( from Philippines)