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What is the year and grade of a Belgian Sweet 16 3 shot serial 9S 33408?


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Answered 2011-09-15 11:35:46 has sn data on their website under customer service. Grade depends on features that you don't list.


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You will have to call Browning with the serial number or go to their website and look it up.

That gun was made in 1964 - making it 46 years old. has a sn function under customer service

Go to, select customer service, select date your firearm. has a sn look up function under customer service.

what is the age of a belgiun made browning sweet sixteen #x91426

The B at the end of the serial number does not make sense. Please re-check

Your browning sweet-sixteen was made in 1947.assuming you have a standard grade(grade I) it would be worth 625 dollars if it has a plain barrel,If you have a solid matte barrel it would be worth 825 dollars,and if it has a factory vent rib barrel it would be worth 875 dollars.

With the serial number that you supplied,your Browning Safari bolt action rifle was produced by FN of Belguim for Browning in the year 1963.

This serial number represents 1926, but it is not a sweet 16. It could only be a standard weight 16 ga. You could be missing part of the serial number. What makes you think this is a grade II? Please refer to the Browning automatic - 5 book. If I saw it I could identify it for you. Sorry, just to many questions to answer yours. Auto5man.

Is grade is blue belt. Is grade black belt is proclaimed himself... and not the reality under Belgian Karate Federation.

You will need to call Browning to find out. 9S were made in 1959 S Stands for sweet sixteen 9R were also made in 1959 R= Standard grade

Assuming a Grade I Condition is important: NIB EXC V.G. Good Fair Poor 650 450 375 300 250 125 Belgian manufactured rifles are worth about 15% above these prices. Grade II and III are higher. $250 and up

The answer to the question is "1962". That is the year represented by the 2. The L is the code letter for Safari Grade and 10285 is the rifle's serial number.

You must call Browning to find out what grade it is.

You will need to include the whole serial number to get the answer that you seek.

Depends on condition and what grade. Could be a few hundred or multiple thousands. No way to tell without a better description.

The 2 letters in your serial number(NR) indicate that your Browning 325 grade VI was made in the year 1997.

A girl that is in the eighth grade at the moment and is very sweet and blonde...!!!

The grade and condition will greatly affect the value. Diamond Grade Trap in Exc condition: $1050 Superior Grade Trap in Exc condition: $650 Field Grade in Exc condition: $650 Venture Grade Trap in Exc condition: $575 The serial number doesn't help.

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