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It depends on your experience with auto repair. The fuel pump itself is about a 2 and the pump inside the tank is about a 3.

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Q: What is thel evel of difficulty in replacing a 1984 240DL fuel injector pump?
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What is the color code for the fuel injector wiring on an 1984 Nissan 300zx turbo?

how to wire a 1984 300z fuel injector

Does an 1984 Volvo 240dl have an integal regulator?

My 1982 Volvo 244GL had a voltage regulator in the back of the alternator so I assume your 1984 is the same

Where is the fuel filter on a 1984 Pontiac Phoenix?

One is located on fuel line to the throttle body, Can type filter 5/8 line wrench needed to remove. The other is located on the bottom of the fuel pump, bag type fuel tank removal required. There is one also around the bottom of the fuel injector, requires replacing the injector.

Where is the fuel pressure regulator on a 1984 Cadillac Seville?

attached to the fuel injector fuel rail which is attached to the top part of the fuel injector.

How to Replace ignition switch 1984 Chevrolet pickup?

Where can I download instructions for replacing the ignition switch tumbler on a 1984 chevy pickup?

1984 corvette crossfire injector does not work how do you fix it?

both injectors have their own 3amp fueses check these 540 533 0735

Should you replace the resistor if replacing the stator on 1984 shadow 700?

If the resistor is alright why replace it.

What years are compatible to replacing 86 300zx tail light?

1984 to 1986 uses the same tail light assy

Where is fuel release lever on 1984 Mercedes Benz 380 se?

There is no lever there is a tire valve stem looking screw on the fuel injector rail this will release pressure in the systym

Choke adjustment on 1984 corvette?

there is no choke it has crossfire injection . which two throttle body injector assemblies. the problem may be a bad coolant temp sensor if start up is hard.

Why after replacing 1984 Chevy 350 heads popping out of the tailpipes?

Valves adjusted to tight. Firing order mixed up.

What is book cost of replacing a headgasket in a 1984 Chevy Celibrity 2.5 liter engine?

if your mom dose a little someting all give it to u for free reply at bucy

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Where is the voltage regulator located on a 1984 Nissan Sentra?

It is part of the alternator. If you are having problems keeping a charge or problem with high voltage, you might want to consider replacing your entire alternator.

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Cost of replacing a 1984 diesel head gasket?

It really depends on i don't know but you should see a place where cars get fixed and they will try to help you out. Im a pretteen so sorry if my answer isn't goood at all and im a girl

After replacing positive side battery cable in 1984 Mercury Gran Marquis car starts but electric windows radio and gauges quit working What went wrong?

Start by checking all your fuses under the hood and under the dash.

Why does Head light hang up on 1991 Corvette?

The plastic gears in the headlight motors are weak. I had the same problem with my 1984 Corvette. You can get a new motor, but it's much cheaper to get new gears. Check out the C4 section at for a how-to on replacing it.

Are all Pontiac Fiero computers similar I have a 1984 SE 2point5 4-cylinder automatic Not getting pulse at the injector Someone suggested another computer I found one on an 86 Can it be used?

on my 84 se I wasn't getting a pulse on the injector and it was a fuseable link wire that feed power to the computer that was bad. i bought an other computer from a junk yard be fore i found the bad wire. the computer needs to have the same numbers on it and as the old one does in order to work right in your car. so it has the same programing on it as your old one does.

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How much would it cost to fix a head gasket on a 1984 Nissan 300zx if you were to take it to a shop?

Depends on where you live. This is a major repair and is expensive. I would guess from $300 at a minimum, if nothing needs replacing except the gasket. If the head is cracked or wrapped, then it will cost more.