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What is vulvar hematoma?



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Vulval Haematoma is a bleeding into the vulva(the area of the labia minora).

A haematoma anywhere is induced when there is damage to a blood vessel without damage of the skin, so, the blood doesn't go out of the body, but remains in the tissue. simply, a haematoma is a big bruise.

vulval haematoma can result from multiple causes, the ones I know being Vaginal delivery and straddle accidents (for example fall on the top tube of a bike when riding astride).

The most effective and important treatment is IMMEDIATE icepacking as it reduced pain and reduces/stops the trickling of blood into the subcutaneous tissue, and so, prevents further enlargement of the haematoma. I don't know for how much time should you maintain the icepacks, but I have read on one internet site that it should be for 24 hours.

what will happen afterwards? the haematoma will change in colour just like a bruise, and will diminish in size, but I don't know within how much time.

Medical help should be sought if:

1)The haematoma continues to increase in size after ice packing.

2)the haematoma is large enough to impair urination. In this case, a Foley catheter will be fixed in order to drain urine

3)The haematoma gets infected. As far as I know, this is heralded by throbbing pain, and /or increased pain intensity. Redness might be masked by the colour of haematoma