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word boundary '/b' is any character other than alphanumeric and underscore ie. [^A-Za-z0-9_]

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Q: What is word boundary in regular expression?
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What is difference between regular expression and regular definition in compiler?

Regular expression is built in and the regular definition has to build from regular expression........

What type of plate boundary boundary is regular light tremor?

I think regular light tremors is a divergent plate boundary.

A sentence with the word boundary?

a sentence with the word boundary?

What is the application of regular expression in compiler construction?

Regular Expression is another way of implementing a lexical analyzer or scanner.

What is better Finite Automata or Regular Expression?

Finite Automata and Regular Expressions are equivalent. Any language that can be represented with a regular expression can be accepted by some finite automaton, and any language accepted by some finite automaton can be represented by a regular expression.

Program for converting regular expression into NFA?


What is the period used for in a regular expression?

to stop a sentence

In your own word thoroughly define a Convergent Boundary?

convergent boundary

Can you give a sentence using the word boundary?

She crossed his boundary daringly.

What is the Hebrew word for expression?

expression = BITUI = ביטוי

What is a regular expression?

In programming, a regular expression is an expression that explains a pattern for a string. A string matches a regular expression if that string follows the pattern of that regular expression. For example, you may want to create an account system, allowing usernames to only have uppercase and lowercase letters, and numbers. While a user is registering, you can check their desired username against a regular expression involving only alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9). If it matches, then the username is valid to your requests. If it does not, the user has put in a character that does not follow the pattern of the regular expression. In regular expressions, you can match certain characters, match a certain quanity of characters, match the casing of characters (or just ignore it overall), and plenty more. The syntax of a regular expression varies throughout every programming language, but Perl is often used due to its wide variety of options. Perl is also incorporated into many web languages, such as PHP, making regular expressions less of a hassle. This is an example of a Perl regular expression, allowing a string with only alphanumeric characters (any character case), and an infinite length (except for a string with no length or no characters, in which the regular expression does not match the string): /^(?i)[a-z0-9]+$/

What is a backreference?

In computing, a backreference is an item in a regular expression equivalent to the text matched by an earlier pattern in the expression.

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