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I am guessing here. Inspect the shocks for a broken one. Could also be a suspension part that is defective. You need to inspect the suspension, exhaust system, and brake system. Also look in the trunk to make sure womething is not loose and rooling around.

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โˆ™ 2005-05-16 02:30:15
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Q: What is wrong if 1999 DeVille makes a bumping sound when the brakes are applied?
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Car makes a bumping noise when braking?

change brakes or check drums

Why would an 81 Chevy truck die when you press the brakes?

The power brake booster is leaking vacuum and that makes the engine die when the brakes are applied. Replace brake booster.

What makes a car sound like someone cleaning out their saxophone when car is braked and brakes applied?

you need brake pads

Is bump an example of an onomatopoeia?

Yes, because it is roughly the sound that bumping into something makes.

What makes your brakes get stuck?


Do car brakes reduce friction?

Friction is what makes the brakes stop the car.

What makes a 1998 Chevrolet Malibu when driving car makes buzzing noise and then has no brakes when applied?

The buzzing noise could be the buzzer for a problems with the brake system. If the brakes are not working at all, check to make sure that there is fluid in the brake master cylinder. Low fluid can make the buzzer sound, and is an indication of more severe problems.

How does thunder make huge noises and sounds?

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Why does a speeding car skid when brakes are applied suddenly?

it creats a flat spot on your tire which makes it skid easy, like a sled. When your driving in snow or ice, don't slam on your brakes, just tap them over and over again and let go of the accelarator, and hold the steering wheel tight.

What makes a 2002 Chevy subrban pull to the right?


What is the force that makes you bicycle brakes work?

Friction and pressure.

Your truck makes a hissing sound when your brakes are engaged and your brake peddle travels all the way to the floor before stopping the truck also stalls when brakes are engages?

This one is easy. Brake booster diaphragm is ruptured, causing a massive vacuum leak, which will cause the engine to run poorly when the brakes are applied. A loss vacuum assist will make it difficult to stop the vehicle.

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