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If this is an automatic transmission, which I am assuming it is it will not work the same as a standard. Only drive it in overdrive or 1st gear.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-09 16:42:20
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Q: What is wrong if a 1986 Chevy Astro shifts into first and second but when it hits third it sounds like you are flooring it will not shift any higher?
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Sounds like the front pump in the transmission is tired.

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I would suggest you have the transmission fluid & filter changed ASAP. See if that helps.

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Sounds like a bad solenoid. But if it shifts hard from first to second then from second to third but fine when from third to over drive forth but then shifts a little hard when down shifting through the gears if that is the case might need to change transmission filter and fluid sometimes overfilling the transmission with fluid could do this as well.

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