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What is wrong if a 1996 Taurus does not start as if there were no electricity at all no lights at all and no sounds battery is OK an attemt to jumpstart had no effect either?

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October 24, 2005 6:50PM

A good place to start is your in park safety switch. Make sure

your shift lever has tripped switch. My 92 Taurus does the same

thing at the most inopportune times; rain storms, hurricanes, etc.

Good luck! The 'only' reason this ever happens is that the ground

cable on the negative battery connector has broken. Almost all car

components only are wired for positive and use the frame itself as

the negative electrical connection. When the ground cable breaks

off of the negative battery terminal connector there is no way for

the circuit to be complete. Hence, the complete lack of

electricity. Very easy to fix. Look on the negative battery

terminal connector for the wire that is supposed to be attached to

the frame with a screw. It's almost certainly broken on one end and

just needs to be re-attached. In my case, it turned out to be a bad


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