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poor water pressure, blocked shut off valve, It may be that you have air suspend in your water. It is common for water treatment plants to airate the water to remove things or to oxidize things like iron so that it can be removed. Also, cavition from a pump or turbulence in a water line can create air in water. One thing you can look for is to fill a clear glass with water and look for a white look to it and for it to clear up after a short time. Use a spigot that does not have an airator on it. You could put in an air relief value in a high spot or at the top of a short T before the problem area to bleed off the air. Some times an air relief value will also bleed off some water with the air, so you may need to put in an area that will drain or not do any damage. Waterman

2007-07-20 02:43:23
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