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What is wrong if one headlight comes on a few seconds after the other on an 86 300 ZX?


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2006-07-10 11:51:17
2006-07-10 11:51:17

1 check grounds,rubbing wires,plugs are all tight. 2 relays alternate headlight relays be sure they are good. thats all i can think of Answer from Edwardw0 I have an '86 300ZX that had the exact same problem, but only for the passenger side low beam. It eventually evolved into the light going on and off during driving. I checked everything, grounds, connections, relays all to no avail. Then I finally pulled the headlight switch off the steering column. On the back of the switch is a plastic cover that can be removed. Under that cover are 5 contacts. The center contact is the one that provides juice to your light circuits when you turn your switch on. Two contacts on one side of center are for low beam and the two on the opposite side are high beam. I used 800 grit sandpaper, but I am sure an emory cloth will do fine as well. Slide the paper or cloth between each of the contacts to clean off 20 years of contact buildup. Blow out the contact area with compressed air when done. Apply some electrical contact grease. Replace the cover and reinstall on steering column. The cover may be a little hard to keep on and may take a dab or 2 of contact cement to stay on.


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