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it cud be a wire that fall out or is not in proba just hav a play wiv the wire at the back if it dnt work hit the light it works for me

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โˆ™ 2008-11-19 03:47:11
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Q: What is wrong if one headlight is still out on your 1990 Ford Fiesta after you have changed the bulb but the side light is ok?
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What if the headlight bulb on a 99 Chevy Malibu has been changed and the light still does not work?

Could be a fuse or the wiring in the car

Where is the headlight RELAY on a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder I found the headlight fuse but no relays are tagged for the headlights?

if your headlight if blow and you have changed the headlight and it still does not work then most likely its the plug that plugs into the light itself i just went through all that and its the actual lamp plug you have to change

What should i do if i changed headlight bulbs but the light are still very dim and pointed strange in a 2000 Toyota celica?

realign the head lights, check battery termninals

My headlight cover is broken but light still works would I get a ticket?

Yes as it's still defective, best get it repaired.

Why does the check engine light still come on after the gasket was changed?

Did you reset the light? I don't know what gasket you changed, but undoubtedly that was not the problem. The check engine light comes on when there is a problem with the emissions system.

Headlight bulb still good but headlight not working?

If your light bulb is good, then it could be a wiring issue or a fuse issue. A fuse is cheap to replace, so start with that first. If after replacing the fuse, your headlight bulb is still not working, try a good bulb with your adapter. If it doesn't work, then it's wiring issue.

Is it OK to drive in Saskatchewan with a broken headlight lens if the bulb still works?

No. The lens diffuses the light and a bare bulb is not legal

Why does your impala still have the change engine oil If you Ready changed?

This light has to be reset by the person doing the oil change. It is not automatic when the oil is changed.

You have changed the gas cap and engine light still on?

There are hundreds of things that can couse a check engine light. You need to have it checked for codes.

Why does Ford Fiesta steering clonk?

if it's the mk7 fiesta, then it should still be in warranty, the column will need greasing if its the mk7.

You changed my battery and the low voltage light is still on in my 92 park avenue?

I changed your battery?? I don't think so. I think your alternator is your problem!

I already changed the rear brake light bulb on my C280 Mercedes Benz 2006 but it still won't light up?

Did you check the fuse?

How do i download the latest patch for fiesta?

If you still can't find it after this answer ask a game master,it is on the Fiesta website its under the downloads tab.

How do you change the bulb for the right headlight?

You change the bulb for the right headlight the exactly same way as you changed the left only opposite. If you are replacing one headlight, even if the other still works it is best to replace them in pairs, for lights can dim and if you have a bright bulb and a dim bulb you could be in danger of distracting other drivers and causing an accident.

The low beam headlight is out drivers side Fuse good Changed bulb and headlight relay and still no go Volt meter says that no current is getting to bulb Suggestions 1988 240dl?

I had a Volvo 245 (Wagon) that had the same problem: I could not get one of my low beams to work. I found that the problem was not the bulb, the relay, etc. The problem was the connector at the back of the headlight bulb. You can easily take an automotive test light and "pierce" the wires at the back of the bulb. One of the wires is ground and piercing each of the other wires should light the test bulb at the dim setting and high beam setting. If you cannot get the test light to light at the connector to the headlight bulb, you can start "piercing" and moving farther "upstream" on the wiring to that particular headlight. Consult a "Haynes" type manual and look at the wiring diagram for the car. Remember that one of the three wires coming to the back of the bulb is ground.

You changed the temp sensor why is your engine light still on?

it has to be reset if you disconnect the battery for a few minutes should do it

2002 Avalon XLS driver side low beam headlight out Bulb replaced but old bulb was fine Fuses are fine still no low beam on driver's side What next?

Check with test light ,be sure you have power going to light. Second check ground wire for that headlight!! I have found over years that bad ground connections are 99 % of light troubles.

Heating not working Ford Fiesta 1.3?

that's the complete oposite to mine! mine just keeps blowing hot air out! changed the thermostat and still nothing changed, in the end i just unhooked so it constantly blows cool air gonna be a problem in the summer!

You just installed a new headlight in your Nissan 300ZX and also checked the fuses but it still will not work What could be the problem?

Check the wires that plug into the light sounds like a bad groung or no power goining to the headlight. If that's not the problem check the dimmer switch.

Why don't i have brake lights on your 92 Chevy silverado?

all my light work,changed my break light switch still dont have break lighs,i have good grounds

If the battery light is still on after you changed the battery can you reset it or is there still a problem?

Take your vehicle down to the local AutoZone or parts store and have them check the voltage output of your alternator. If it's to low/high, this will cause your light to stay on.

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The ford fiesta has the best price and fuel efficient ratings for small compact cars. The fiesta is still large enough to get things accomplished, but still maintains the efficiency.

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i changed the running light bulbs (3 of 4 are out) on Chevy 2005 trailblazer, and they still don't come light up?

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