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You possibly have a shorted or broken switch on one of your doors. These work by earthing out when a door is opened
The manual dome light switch is on.
More than likely it is the door switch. The switch is located in the door latch and the door panel must be removed to service.

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Q: What is wrong if the dome light stays on?
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Dome light on Ford Taurus stays on?

dome light stays on ford taurus

How do you fix a dome light that stays on in 1999 suburban?

Thia dome light comes in assembly and more than likely you need to replace it....

Dome light stays on 2001 slk320?

When the dome light stays on in an slk320 one of several things could be causing it. A door switch could be bad, the manual light switch could be stuck, or the light relay could be stuck. Any of these could cause the problem.

Why do dome light stays on when doors are closed on a 1999 Chevrolet cavalier?

Either one of the door switches is broken or the dome light switch on the dash is turned on.

The dome light stays on all of the time in my 1996 Tahoe what can be causing this?

try looking at the swithes located where you door hinges are one of them might be shorted out causing your dome light to stay on.

Can a bad dome light cause the battery to discharge when the engine is off?

If it stays on all the time it will drain the battery

2002 Mercury Sable dome light stays on?

The switch located on the door frame may be broken is a dome light stays on in a Mercury Sable. The switch may need to be repaired. If that is not the issue, a mechanic can diagnose the issue. Another way to help find a solution is to look in the owner manual or repair book for the car.

How come the dome light stays on even when the truck is off and when the truck is on?

Sounds like a faulty headlight on-off switch.

What is wrong if radio seat belts dome light refuse to work?

Blown fuse.

1998 olds 98 dome light stays on for 10min?

its on the timer. check owners manuel to set to the delay you would like

2003 ford expedition radio stays on dome light do not work when door opens?

sounds like GEM mod. is bad

What could be the problem when the dome light for a 1995 GMC Sonoma stays on even when truck is off?"

1997 oldsmobile dome light stays on?

should be on the headlight control, probably turned too far to left, turn slightly right and light should go off

What is usually wrong when your malfunction indicator light stays on?

You may need to change the indicator bulb, that's what was wrong with mine.

Why does my Subaru impreza dome light stays on?

The dome light in my Impreza has a three way switch that in the full rear position remains off even with the doors open. In the middle position it is on auto so that when a door is opened it comes on. And in the full forward position it stays on constantly. If yours has a switch you might try moving it to the middle position or the full rear position per your preference.

How do you determine which door ajar switch is bad on an expedition?

Try opening and closing each door one at a time and wait for the dome light to go out before proceding to the next door..when u get to the door where the dome light stays on, that's the one with the bad door switch

What is wrong if headlights dome light dash lights and horn all go out at the same time?


Dome light stays on 92 plymouth laser?

Check to make sure that the light switches in the doors are working properly. Also, check to see that the dash light dimmer is not stuck on high, as this setting will cause the light to stick on.

How do I get the dome lights in a 2004 Lincoln LS to turn off?

dome lights stays on

Why do the dome lights stay on when all doors are close on a 2000 ford expition xlt?

The dome light should stay on for about 15 seconds and then go out as a courtesy light. If it stays on all the time you probably need to check the dash and turn it off. Usually the dash light dimmer rotates tp a point that will turn it off.

Dome light stays on 97 F-150 after closing doors?

your dome light is set in the on psition it will stay on all the time. you can set it to door open mode and it'll turn on when the doors are open or you could have it off all the time. your dome light is set in the on psition it will stay on all the time. you can set it to door open mode and it'll turn on when the doors are open or you could have it off all the time.

What is 'dome' on a car fuse box?

The "dome" is the light on the ceiling of your car. It is called a dome because this light is usually shaped like a dome.

Dome light stays on when door is closed?

What type of car? Check door switches-pull them out to see if any are grounded Check headlamp control switch

1999 Ford Taurus - Dome light stays on door ajar light stays on power door locks won't work - Could the power door lock problem be related to the other two problems?

I just sprayed all my 1999 taurus door latches with silicon and it fixed it.

What could be wrong if the battery light stays on all the time on a 1991 Geo Storm?

Check the alternator.