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What is wrong if when you turn the key the engine clicks but does not turn over yet it has a fresh battery?


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2005-01-29 12:51:13
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Check to make sure you connections are all tight.


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If you are talking about a car engine and battery then it is not the battery that is clicking. It is in all probability the solenoid.

It could be, a dead battery, loose or dirty battery connections, a faulty starter,

jump start the car and get a new battery and if it isn't the battery it could be the alternator or both, but try a new battery first

It can very well be the battery. Takes almost no amperage to operate a radio. I would suspect it is either the battery or the battery connections.

battery or corroded connection on battery One click most likely is a bad starter motor or solenoid. Many clicks battery or connection problem.

Somthings wrong with the engine.

Your battery is not giving enough power to start the car. It may be battery, alternator, voltage regulator or bad cables.

Dead battery? try jumping it off. bad starter solenoid? bad starter?

It means that there is something wrong with the engine and not the battery

Your question is confusing. If the engine cranks it is turning over.

Try a new battery, or get a jump start. Sometimes there is not enough power in the battery to start the engine.

The wrong spark plug wire(s) can cause engine problems including not running but won't drain the battery.

ussaly when your guinea pig clicks its becase somethings wrong or they want to be picked up

If your engine does not turn off by the key I suggest disconnecting the battery and alternator and immediately fixing what is wrong

chances are the battery is out of wack or the engine could be flooded

One of a few things depending on the click. If it makes consecutive clicks when you turn the key (click,click,click,click) then the odds are the battery is dead or in need of charging and there just isn't enough charge to fully engage the starter and turn over the engine. If it clicks just once, the selenoid is usually bad, or the starter is "locked" and will need to be replaced.

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