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You need to ask your ob-gyn, this is impossible to comment on.

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Q: What is wrong if you are bleeding on and off pinkish light red and brown?
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If a home pregnancy test is positive but you started could it be wrong?

It depends on the blood if it was a heavy long period then you probably arent, but if it was a light brown/pinkish blood then it might be implantation blood meaning you are pregnant

Its supposed to be my TOM but I only have spot bleeding and its dark brown what is wrong?

this may be implantation bleeding. i would take a pregnancy test if your period does not get heavier. or it may be a light period. who knows? i bet you're scared now.

What could be wrong if you finished your period a week ago and now you are spotting brown blood?

nothings wrong it could be Implantation bleeding which is a pregnancy sign

Is brown spotting after sex whilst in the first trimester of pregnancy normal?

Yes! Light pink or brown spotting after sex is normal. During pregnancy, the cervix becomes more filled with blood. Sex can irritate the cervix and cause some bleeding. Of course, if you are worried or have any other questions call your doctor. Heavy bleeding, bleeding with pain or cramping, or bleeding that doesn't stop can mean something is seriously wrong. Call your doctor or go to the emergency room if this happens.

Is there something wrong if you have light bleeding for 2 months?

Maybe or maybe not. You should really consult a physician with this sort of problem.

Is light bleeding and cramping normal in early pregnancy?

Light bleeding and cramping in early pregnancy are usually signs of a miscarriage. I would suggest making an appointment to meet with your doctor as soon as possible so she can check to make sure nothing is wrong with you or your baby.

Should guinea pigs have light brown pee?

well no theresprobably some thing wrong with its health

What could be wrong if your period was brown spotting and it was early and then in the same month you had more pinkish spotting for a day and you have had lots of discharge all month?

This could be a yeast infection. See your health care provider for exact determination.

What is wrong with Chris Brown now?

There is nothing wrong with Chris Brown now.

What does it mean if you normal bleeding red then at the end of period get brown discharge what does that mean?

When you have brown discharge near the end of your period that just means that your period is almost done it does not mean that there's something wrong with you it's normal.

What might be wrong if your bleeding out your butt?

The most likely cause of bleeding from the butt is hemorrhoids.

What is wrong if you have a low platelet count?

prone to bleeding

What is wrong if you pee blood?

You are bleeding internally, in your bladder.

Is bleeding from the anus unusual?

Bleeding from the anus is not usual and something is wrong to cause it to bleed. Get it checked out by a doctor.

What is wrong if you have been on your period for 11 days?

spotting brown for 7 days and bright red blood and a little clouts for 4 days sill bleeding bright red know

Had period 2 weeks ago and now you are experiencing light bleeding and headache and swollen breast What could be wrong?

How about you ask your doctor? People on the Internet can't tell you.

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Is there something wrong if a woman is on her period and is bleeding in the water?

no there is nothing wrong with you...just use a tampon when your in the water

You are now 33 weeks and spotting with pinkish color is this normal?

There is probably nothing wrong but a visit to your doctor or midwife would be sensible.

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I am Pregnant and then started bleeding?

If your pregnant and bleeding you need to go to the docter asap because somthing may or may not be going wrong.

What does it mean when your head hurts so bad that your nose starts bleeding?

Theres something wrong sorry but your nose should not be bleeding

Vaginal Bleeding Doctors find nothing wrong What be done next?

Not much info but if he found nothing and wont pursue finding what´s wrong and you are still bleeding you should go to another doctor.