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What is wrong if you can't get four wheel drive to engage in a 1997 Ford truck?

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4 wheel drive is grinding when you engage it?

when i try to engage the wheel wheel drive it grinds i have my truck in neutral what could be the problem what am i doing wrong

How you drive a 4 wheel drive truck we no back drive shaft?

Put the vehicle into 4WD? It should move on the basis of the traction of the front wheels. The rear wheels should simply free-wheel. Am I wrong?

When i drive in four wheel drive there is knocking once in awhile is this my you-joint?

well your u-joint is mostly just old and needs to be replaced. o you have something wrong with your 4 wheel drive. if something is wrong with your 4 wheel drive i would take it to a pro that knows what hes doing

What is wrong with my all wheel drive?

Jus a BIT more specific, please...

Why does the starter for a 350 Chevy grind and sti?

Wrong starter, wrong fly-wheel, Bad starter drive, worn fly-wheel. Starter may need to be shimed.

Can four wheel drive be put in a two wheel drive truck?

yes . find donor vehicle at junk yard; unless you have plenty of money and time. ===alternate answer=== It depends, with some vehicles there are many differences between the two wheel drive and 4 wheel drive versions, sometimes even different frames are used! I saw this question asked and answered in many off road magazines and mechanic advice columns. Every time that I can think of, the advice was it would be better to sell the 2 wheel drive vehile and buy an equivalent four wheel drive. The successful conversions I have seen in some magazines and on the street were when someone bought a running 4 wheel drive vehicle, or at least a running 4 wheel drive chassis like a vehicle that had rolled over and trashed its body, and transplant the body of the 2 wheel drive onto the 4 wheel drive chassis, engine, and drivetrain. This is a HUGE undertaking and is advised against, there are so many ways it can go wrong.

When I lock my 1993 Suburban into 4 wheel drive and a front wheel slips or spins it sounds like 1 hub is not locked in Could that be the front wheel drive actuator not working right?

If the Actuator was not working then the front wheels would not pull at all.There is nothing wrong with your truck or the 4x4 SYSTEM.No Factory 4x4 truck has positive traction in the front, what you are complaining about is normal, both front wheels don't pull at the same time. They switch back and fourth, and it makes it fill funny, The steering wheel jerks around.YOU HAVE NO PROBLEMS. NEUTZ

Would the bolt pattern for rims on an 1987 cutlass fit on a 1993 dodge caravan?

No! a 1987 cutlass is rear wheel drive, the van is front wheel drive....wrong offset.

Is it legal to drive with one ear phone on?

Yes! If both hands are on the wheel, nothing is wrong.

Why is there a knocking through your steering wheel?

There is something wrong with your wheels or steering. You car is NOT safe to drive.

How do you take a wheel off in monster jam urban assault?

goto championship/speedster/mall madness, then turn around in the race and drive the wrong way, be sure to do head on hits with the one truck, don't do all 3 laps, wait until the other trucks stop and continue to crash into the one truck you were colliding with head on. you may lose a wheel but he will too !

F250 I got my ball joints replaced and now my automatic 4 wheel drive does not work. Did they do something wrong?

Look for disconnect wire around your axle. Then check your fusle box in side your truck. Good luck

2000 Chev suburban 4x4 that skips when you are turningwhat could be wrong?

it will do that on pavement if you have in in 4 wheel drive

2004 Dodge Dakota 4x4 has trouble turning or going in reverse but drives fine reguraly what is wrong?

You are probably in four wheel drive. With the front wheels engaged on dry pavement you will notice difficulty in steering and the truck will handle poorly.

is this truck is a good truck?

is this truck is a good truck i like to know if this truck is a good truck what is wrong with this truck

What is wrong with a 1987 jeep Cherokee when put in 4 wheel drive the front drive shaft turn but the wheels don't pull?

Does it have manual lockouts on the front hubs? Center of the wheel/axle turns to lock the wheels in.

How do you tell what is wrong with the 4 wheel drive on a 1984 blazer?

I dont know, why dont you tell us, so we can help you?

What could be wrong with truck when service 4 wheel drive light comes on?

what kind of truck is it a chev 99 to 03 if so the auto 4 well buton is broke dont worry about it unles you have about 600.00 to 800.00 to fix the auto 4 weel just leve it in 2 high then when you need 4x4 put it in 4 high.

Can you put a 2001 Pontiac Montana transmission into a 1996 Pontiac firebird?

NO! the Montana is a front wheel drive minivan and the firebird is a rear wheel drive, even if they were both rear wheel drive for some reason, the firebird engine would shred the wimpy minivan trans and it would be just wrong to put a minivan trans in a firebird.

What would cause your all wheel drive to quit working on your 99 bravada?

If the all wheel drive stops working on a 1999 Bravada, there could be something wrong with the electrical sensors. There may also be a problem with some of the electrical wiring.

Stepping on the gas pedal to accelerate causes a whining noise in the rear of the vehicle. what is wrong?

If it is a rear wheel drive vehicle it is either low oil in the rear end or an axle bearing. On a front wheel drive vehicle it is probably a bearing.

What is the standard cost of repairing the 4 wheel drive for Tacoma 95?

No one can provide an accurate answer to this question. It depends on what is wrong with the 4wd.

How much it costs to repair 4x4 on Toyota sequioa 2001?

gonna need specifics as to what is wrong with the 4 wheel drive system to answer that.

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