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It could be anthing from stress to a bug. However, it's important you get a good physical every year from your doctor and bring these symptoms up to your doctor. PMS will often put hormones out that give cramping, nausea, lethargy, moodiness and generally make you just feel miserable. Even some spotting can occur.

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Are having cramps headaches and dizziness signs of pregnancy?


What could cause high blood pressure fatigue dizziness headaches moodiness stomach cramps and breast tenderness fever gas and no appetite?


Are having cramps and dizziness signs of pregnancy?

take a pregnancy test and/or call yer doct

If you are a virgin but your period is very heavy and are experiencing bad cramps and dizziness?

As long as you have not had intercourse, with anyone , and even if you have heavy heavy, and you have cramps and dizziness , are not signs of pregnancy.

What can be the problem if you have no periods and stomach cramps?


Is running stomach tiredness and stomach cramps a sign of pregnancy?

What does running stomach mean?

Is bad stomach cramps and pain in the stomach a COMMON sign of pregnancy?

Bad pain or stomach cramps are not a common sign of pregnancy but can happen. This can be caused by a fallopian cyst or by a tubal pregnancy so it should be evaluated by your medical provider.

Is stomach pain not cramps a sign of pregnancy?

Cramps are a sign of pregnancy, i was sure i was coming on my period i had all the cramps etc.. im now 5 months pregnant

If you have nausea head ace stomach and back cramps could that mean pregnancy?

Yes if you have cramps, backache, nausea and headache , these are signs of pregnancy.

Is it normal to get cramps on abdomen and you think you are pregnant?

Normal is different for each person. Do you normally have stomach cramps? Usually pregnancy doesn't involve stomach cramps, just nausea.

Are dizziness and cramping normal in the first trimester?

Yes, dizziness, cramps and headaches are all normal in pregnancy - most often caused by hormonal fluctuations.

Do you get cramps when your pregnant in lower stomach?

Yes, especially in early pregnancy

What causes sore nipples vomiting stomach cramps and no period?


Is lower stomach cramps and white milky discharge a sign of pregnancy?


What are the side effects of drinking Ensure?

I drink Ensure Plus, and get dizziness, stomach cramps, nausea. I am lactose intolerance.

The bottom of your stomach hurts you have stomach cramps and you feel nausea in the evening and you feel tired almost everyday what could be wrong?

You could be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test. If the result is negative, go and see the doctor

Does you body hurt during pregnancy?

Yes, stomach cramps, headache etc., but remember, every pregnancy is different.

Ive been trying for a baby are stomach cramps and a headache an early pregnancy symptom?

i had bad stomach cramps and headaches in early pregnancy, i was convinced i was going to start my period.. but i didnt i now 5 months pregnant and i still get bad heads and some period like cramps.. Hope this helps

Are constant stomach aches and clear urine likely to be stress or pregnancy?

Urine colour is no indication of pregnancy hon. Stomach cramps can be a sign of pregnancy, diahrrhea, tummy bug, UTI or just wind.

Stomach cramps can be a symptom of what diseases?

If someone is suffering from stomach cramps, there are many things they could be suffering from. Some possibilities include food poisoning, irritable bowel syndrom, and lactose intolerance. Women should note that stomach cramps are a possible early sign of pregnancy.

Can pregnancy cause cramps?

Pregnancy can cause cramps.

Is stomach cramps bloating clear frequent discharge signs of pregnancy?

If you have missed a period they may be signs of pregnancy. If you have not missed a period they are not.

Could i be pregnant and still have negative pregnancy result and have bleeding and cramps?

yes you may be

Are stomach aches and vaginal discharge signs of pregnancy?

Stomach aches and vaginal discharge are signs of pregnancy.Although nausia an stomach cramps are major signs of pregnancy.If neede,take a pregnancy test for more accuracy.

You are 14 weeks pregnant and ive been having stomach cramps for 5 days now is there anythin wrong?

cramps are normal during pregnancy