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It can be two things. 1) Pregnancy or 2) Hormonal problems. Because your having pregnancy symptoms and negative pregnancy tests, you need to see your doctor for a blood test and a gynocologist incase its hormonal related.

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Q: What is wrong if you have had periods for the last 3 months but they have been very short and you have all the pregnancy symptoms but 3 pregnancy tests have been negative?
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You use to have regular periods but for this month Its already 50 days but you have got the symptoms of periods pregnancy tests are negative. what has caused the delay?

Yeah iI also have a similar question. I had my periods regular, but I had sex with my boy friends with proper care. Usually when we get involved it was causing delay in my periods. In this time it is more than 2 months my home pregnancy test is negative. What may have gone wrong & what to do? Any one pl help.

Your period is 5 months late you are experiencing no pregnancy symptoms your pregnancy tests came out negative Are you pregnant?

if you are feeling no symptoms and your pregnancy tests are turning out negative i would advise you to see your doctor. he/she will then be able to carry out tests to determine whether or not you are pregnant and rule out any problems

Can you get pregnant 4 months after having intercourse and having 2 periods in that timeframe?

Some women have periods during pregnancy, however if you were 3-4 months pregnant, you would probably be having some symptoms, I suggest a home pregnancy test. Good Luck ~pawsalmighty

Had a missed miscarriage and d an c 2 months later am having symptoms but test are saying negative?

It can b that ur nt..periods axt cunny for couple months

Did 5 home pregnancy test in 3 months all negative no pregnancy symptoms are you pregnant or could something else be wrong?

if you have done 5 home pregnancy tests and they all result in a negative reading then is is not likely that you have become pregnant. If you have had late or absent periods there could be other contributing factors, such as sudden weight change or recent stress. My advice would be get yourself to the doctors are get a pregnancy test from them. It may be the stress of worrying about being pregnant that's causing youre absent periods!

What could be the cause of several months of missed periods?


How many months do you have to be to know your pregnant?

Symptoms of an early pregnancy

What are the symptoms of 5 months pregnancy?

eyelids are fully developed

When does a man feel pregnancy symptoms?

Usually when you are 6 months.

You been missng your periods for about 6 months now and you have taken over 10 pregnancy test and all are negative what should you do?

You need to go to the doctor's office or you could have irregular periods that's all i can think of

Could it be a symptom of pregnancy if your breasts are suddenly leaking milk after ending nursing six months prior and you are feeling other symptoms as well?

Hello. Yes this could be a sign of pregnancy. Do a pregnancy test. If negative consult your doctor.

What could be the reason for pregnancy symptoms like nausea bloating tiredness swollen breasts and food aversions but you got your periods on time and had a miscarriage 10 months ago?

Pregnancy can be a possibility, have a test done asap. also if you have been stressed about becoming pregnant this can sometimes cause pregnancy like symptoms to occure I suggest that you go and talk with your doctor if a test turns up a negative result, Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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