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Probably the pregnancy test is wrong. Get to your local clinic and get a pregnancy test, and if it is negative, then find a gynocologist to see what is wrong.

Stress plays a major part in having or not having your period. I had gone 6 months without a period when I was 16 or 17 and had had many pregnancy tests that all came back negative. The day I decided to learn how to snowboard I got my period that night.

There is a possibility that you may have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). This is often misdiagnosed as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). Some symptoms include: high levels of male hormones, also called androgensan irregular or no menstrual cyclemay or may not have many small cysts in their ovaries. Cysts are fluid-filled sacs.

I would definitely see your OB/GYN to see if this is the problem. The problem is usually treated with Birth Control that has levels of progesterine that will level out your hormones, thus bringing back your period and, of course, diet and excercise.

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Q: What is wrong if you have not had a period for five months but a pregnancy test was negative?
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What is wrong if you haven't had your period in 2 months and you've had 5 pregnancy negative test?

See your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

What could be wrong if my friend has missed her period (6 months late) and has signs of pregnancy but all tests are negative?

All home pregnancy tests*

Missed your period last month pregnancy test says negative you have pink discharge headaches and cramps it is time for your next months cycle and still no period What is wrong?

pregnancy test could be wrong. try a more accurate one

You have not had a period in 3 months and you had 3 negative pregnancy test could you have any serious disease?

not really, your either getting your period late, or..... the pregnancy tests are wrong. I would suggest to consult your docter

How likely is it that a pregnancy test is wrong showing symptoms no period negative test?

Most pregnancy tests are 99%

If you don't have your period and you have have two negative pregnancy tests could there be something else wrong besides pregnancy?

Probably not. Wait for a few more months and then see a doctor if it still hasn't come back

What could be wrong if you haven't had a period in three months but all pregnancy tests are negative tests?

there could be many health related issues with that you should contact your doctor.

What could be wrong if you have missed your period for three months and your stomach is swollen and you feel sick but a pregnancy test came back negative?

Make an appointment to see your OBGYN.

Can you be pregnant if you been spotting through out your period and took pregnancy test it was negative?

yes if the test was wrong

Can negative pregnancy test be wrong?

a negative pregnancy test can be wrong because it could have misditected, a positive pregnany can't be wrong though.

Could you be pregnant if you are two weeks late on your period and are testing negative on a pregnancy test?

Yes. Home administered pregnancy tests can be administered wrong and lead to a false negative result.

What could be wrong if you haven't had your period in 2 months and tests are negative?

See your doctor. It could be a number of things. You could be pregnant. Some people have to have blood test to confirm pregnancy it will never show up on a urine pregnancy test. See your doctor

Why do i have negative pregnancy test but no period yet?

First of all, the test may be wrong. Also, is your period even regular. Maybe it is just acting weird.

What could be wrong if you haven't had a period in two months and have had every sign of pregnancy but your preganacy test came back negative?

Pregnancy tests are so accurate now days that after two months if you are pregnant it would show up, but you definitely should go to the doctor because there could be a number of other things going on.

What could be wrong if I don't have my period for 2 weeks but pregnancy tests are negative.?

The pregnancy test is valid 10 days after intercourse. Stress could delay your cycle. relax.

What does it mean if I am feeling sick at certain parts of the day having period cramps but no period and negative pregnancy test?

I'm 2 weeks late and I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and a blood test all came back negative. I have all the symptoms missed period, sore breats, and morning sickness. Could a blood pregnancy test be wrong? or could I have had a miscarriege?

You have had your period for four weeks now iv had a pregnancy test and it came back negative and im on birth control what is wrong?

Go to the doctor

What if you have a missed period for 2 months lower abdominal pain lower back pain excessive urination and negative pregnancy test what could be wrong?

Could be a problem in the urinary or reproductive tract. See your health care provider for an exam.

You haven't had your period in three months but you just came off birth control three months ago you took two home pregnancy test and both came back negative whats wrong?

Sometimes the urine tests don't work - you should get a blood test - they are never wrong - I was 5 months pregnant before I got a positive result from a urine test. Actually as a joke at a baby shower we had the guest of honor take a pregnancy test and it came back negative and she ended up having the baby 3 days later.

Can you have negative pregnancy test and period but still be pregnant?

There are always pregnancy tests that can show up negative and you can still be pregnant. The best thing to do is check with your doctor and ask for a pregnancy test. Remember though even the doctor's test can even be wrong. There is not one single pregnancy test that is always 100% correct.

What is wrong if you have missed your period for 6 months and pregnancy tests are negative and have no pregnancy symptoms?

There are many reasons why a woman won't have a period. Your weight could be too low, you could be taking medications which will stop your period (like narcotics), you could be in menopause, you could be heavily into sports or exercise. The most important thing for you to do is go to your doctor to discover why you have stopped your period. There are many medical conditions with cessation of menarche as a symptom, and all of them require that you be seen by a medical doctor. If it's been six months since your last period, you are about four months late in seeing a doctor. This is not a symptom you need to ignore.

Can you be pregnant and the pregnancy test say you're not pregnant also not having your period for 3 months?

If you are thinking you are 3 months pregnant and a preg test still shows negative, then this cannot be the case. It is possible a preg tes will not show positive until you are 6 weeks alone (if you have low HCG levels), but not 12 weeks. If you "feel" pregnant, and you are still testing negative, it could be a phantom pregnancy, or there could be something wrong with your periods.

What is wrong if you have had periods for the last 3 months but they have been very short and you have all the pregnancy symptoms but 3 pregnancy tests have been negative?

It can be two things. 1) Pregnancy or 2) Hormonal problems. Because your having pregnancy symptoms and negative pregnancy tests, you need to see your doctor for a blood test and a gynocologist incase its hormonal related.

You are spotting when you were suppose to get a period Took a pregnancy test came out negative could you be pregnant?

you might tecnology these days you never know if there right or wrong

What if you take 2 pregnancy test and it says negative and you still haven't had your period?

That means that you need to go to a doctor, because something could be wrong.