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1991 Mitsubishi eclipse 2.0L starts 2 to 3 seconds later shuts off

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Why 95 Oldsmobile Silhouette start right up then after a few minutes it shuts off and won't start for a couple of hours the engine turns fine but will not start?

Crankshaft position sensor has failed.... it works fine when cold but as soon as the engine and wiring warms up... it fails to signal properly and kills the motor.... 16-40 bucks at the parts store

Why Engine shuts off as soon as it starts?

The most common cause would be lack of fuel. But without having more information that is just a guess.

How do change the timing belt on a 1989 Honda accord?

The engine in your Accord is an interference engine. For that reason alone, it is critical the belt be replaced correctly. Do it wrong and there will be severe engine damage as soon as you start the engine. Therefore, I recommend you have the belt replaced by a professional. This is not a job for a novice.

Service engine soon lite comes on What is wrong?

you need to scan the car to find out what is wrong. if you have a auto zone near you they will scan it for you.

Why is the service engine soon light on in your 2003 suzuki aerio?

meaning something's wrong with your engine, go to your car shop and have it diagnosed.

Who can reset the service engine soon light?

I can, and so can anyone else who has a relatively new engine diagnostic code scanner. However, if the problem is not resolved, the light will return as soon as you start the engine

Why does your service engine soon light come on when you start and drive your 1999 Plymouth voyager?

The service engine soon light is illuminated by a signal from the computer to indicate a sensor(s) has detected something wrong. While you are driving around, stop by AutoZone or a similar auto parts store that offers free computer scanning to retrieve the trouble code(s) to see what went wrong.

What is the difference between the service vehicle soon and the service engine soon light a Pontiac aztek?

The Service Vehicle Soon indicator is usually a light bulb, headlight, or something to do with the vehicle. The Service Engine Soon indicator is anything that could be wrong with the Engine. Some computers can read codes for either, but some computers can only read codes for the Service Engine indicator.

What is wrong when the Service Engine Soon light stays lit on a 2001 Chevy Suburban?

That's the computer's way of telling you that something is wrong and it wants you to read the diagnostic code.

How long can water sit in a engine?

not very long at all because the cylinders will start rusting soon

Why your service vehicle soon come on when you turn on your ignition?

That is normal but, when you start the engine the light should go out.

What is wrong when engine light turns on?

The check engine or service engine soon light comes on to alert you that there is or was a problem with the emissions system on your vehicle. If the light comes on steady and stays on, it means that there is a problem and you should have it checked out soon. If it comes on and flashes, it means you will cause damage if you continue driving.

What is wrong when engine spins but won't start 89 Chevrolet Celebrity?

It's either fuel, spark or compression. If the engine has all 3, in the proper order and quantity, it WILL run. So start by checking the easiest first; get a can of starting fluid, remove the air filter from the throttle body and have a helper try to start the engine. As soon as you hear the starter engage, start spraying the starting fluid into the air intake. As soon as the engine starts (or when the helper stops attempting to start the engine), stop spraying the fluid. If the engine started, you have a fuel delivery problem. Check the fuel pump, injector, fuel filter, fuel pump fuse... all that. If the engine didn't try to start, run a compression test. If you have low or no compression, rebuild the engine. If the compression is OK, check the spark. Lay a sparkplug on some GROUNDED metal part of the engine and connect a sparkplug wire to it. Have the helper try to start the engine again while you're watching the sparkplug. You should have a strong spark at the plug. If you get no spark or if you have a weak spark, that's your problem.

What does service engine soon mean on a 2000 Pontiac grand am se?

It means there is something wrong with your pollution controls, most likely.

2000 catera starts runs for a couple minutes and shuts down?

it's your crank sensor as soon as the engine gets warm it shut offs. let it cool down and the car starts back up.

Saturn Vue 2003 service engine soon light is on?

Take a look here askville.amazon.com/service-engine-light-wrong-saturn-Vue-2003/AnswerViewer.do?requestId=3645084

Will a busted water pump keep a beetle from started?

No, but if you start a water-cooled engine with a broken water pump, your engine will soon fail from extreme overheating.

Does the fluid in the radiator have to flow as soon as you turn the engine on?

No , the engine coolant will start flowing through the radiator when the engine coolant thermostat starts to open ( assuming everything is working properly ) Helpfull

How do you fix an Eagle Summit emissions?

First diagnos the problem(whats wrong). Did the "check engine"light come on? Failed smog inspection? "service engine soon"light driveability problems? engine pinging bad gas mileage no power/performance? Need more info. First diagnos the problem(whats wrong). Did the "check engine"light come on? Failed smog inspection? "service engine soon"light driveability problems? engine pinging bad gas mileage no power/performance? Need more info.

How do you reset the service engine soon on an 06 Infiniti QX56?

Why my infiniti QX56 doesn't want to start, the service engine light is on? is it because i stayed without gas, or whats causing for it not to start. A tuneup has been done..

Why service engine soon light on 1999 mustang?

why service engine soon light on 1999 mustang

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