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What is wrong if your door ajar light stays on and when you slow down the lights come on?

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you may have a circuit or you can check your doors for any malfunctions

2005-04-22 14:51:35
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What is wrong 1998 when my Ford explorer interior lights blink?

Is door ajar light on also?

Why would the door ajar light on a 2002 Kia Sportage stay on when there is no door ajar?

On my 2002 sportage 2-door, the door ajar light stays on when the tailgate is not locked. with the key.

Door ajar light stays on?

If the door is ajar and light stays on, spray some WD40 into the latch. The door switch is probably stuck. Spray all doors then open and close a few times.

When your door is ajar it used to ding now its a steady alarm What is wrong?

If the lights are on and the door is ajar it will make a steady alarm.

1998 ford ranger door ajar light stays on?

Try spraying WD-40 on the door latch, the part that is on the door itself. The door ajar switch is located in with the latch. Had the same problem, door ajar light on, interior light stays on, and horns toots twice when you lock with remote, to signal door is not closed. Door was shut but truck didn't know it, WD40 fixed it.

In your 90' 300zx the dome light and map lights don't come on and the door ajar dash light stays on when the doors are closed what's that problem?

change blown fuse for interior light,fuse is found on the inside drivers side kick panel....

Why does the door ajar light stays on even when all the doors are close on a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville?

bad door ajar switch inside one of the doors its in the striker assy

How do you fix a 1995 ford explorer door ajar light that stays on?

check the sensor on the door, its probably bad

Why does the 1994 Toyota Tercel door ajar light stays on all the time?

Because one of your door sensors are broken.

Where can you find a diagram for the door ajar warning light to repair it when it stays on for no reason?

Check if the fuse for your interior lights isn't blown. On many cars the Door Ajar light will come on when there's no power to the interior lights. The dashlight then grounds itself through the interior lights. It depends on the car made. for example Taurus, just lubricate(real good) the lock with wd40, will take care of the problem. some cars have sensors will lock automatically when you close door then will LOCK automatically. if one of the locks is jamed the ajar warning come on. Easiest way lubricate all doors lock you will fine. Good luck

The lift gate on my 2000 mercury mountaineer won't close all the way and the door ajar light stays on?

Close it hard

Ford Probe '93 door Ajar indicator light stays on even after closing all doors none of the internal audio or lights work?

you need to check your fuses first ( sounds like it) they are on underdash (drivers side)

What is the problem with my 2003 Mercury Mountaineer door ajar light stays on and overhead lights will not cut off when engine is turned off.?

Just spray some wd40 in all the latches. The sensors are in those latches. I had the same problem and it solved it for me

Why does the door ajar light stay on in 1999 Nissan Altima?

The reason why the door ajar light stays on in a 1999 Nissan Altima could be due to the door switch being stuck. It is stated to spray WD-40 into the latch and that should fix the problem.

Coutesy lights without door ajar?

If your courtesy lights are staying on with the doors closed and there is no door ajar warning light , check on your dash to the right of your headlight switch. There is a dimmer wheel switch for your guage lighting , if it has been rotated all the way up that turns on your courtesy lights when the doors are closed

Why does your trunk ajar light stay on in 2001 Lincoln ls?

rubber cover fell off and sensor stays open... most likely

Which fuse controls the interior map light in a 1999 F150?

How do you pull the fuse on a 2000 f-150 that controlls the door is ajar light and lights up the cabin and bed light.

Why does the door ajar light stay on when you step on the brakes?

some how the tail light wire is touching the ajar wire

Why do the boot ajar light and dome lights stay on?

because you probably have them on dome lights are a setting on most cars there sould be a switch somewhere on the car. and the ajar is because you probably have a door thats not shutting all the way. thats from my car experience. if you still have trouble look on the owners manual

What does it mean when the battery light the brake light and door ajar lights all come on at the same time in a 1998 Accord 6 cylinder?

Go to auto zone and have the altermator checked out.

What are the Pontiac dashboard warning light symbol meanings?

There are a few different lights on the dashboard on a Pontiac. The meaning of the light are check engine, battery low, put on seat belt and door ajar.

Can a door ajar light drain battery?

Yes, if your car sits a few days at a time and your cars interior lights periodically come on it will drain your battery.

Why does the cab light stay on after my doors are closed on my 1997ranger?

To the right of the headlight switch is a gauge light dimmer wheel , if that has been rotated all the way up , your courtesy lights will stay on with the doors closed. If you also have a door ajar light lit up in your gauge cluster , then you may have a sticking door ajar switch , or something isn't closed properly

Why wont the interior lights go off in your 1997 ford explorer?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but on a 1997 Ford Explorer I believe that if the gauge panel dimmer switch ( to the right of your headlight switch ) is rotated all the way up it will turn on all the interior courtesy lights when the doors are closed Also , is the " DOOR AJAR " warning light on in your dash to the left of the fuel gauge , if so either a door or the liftgate is slightly ajar or a door ajar switch is sticking , I believe that will also keep the interior lights on

Your door ajar light stays on and your interior lights will not go off on your 1998 Lincoln Navigator What is causing this?

Its your door ajar switch and it cost 17 bucks for the part and $200 for labor to fix. I had mine replace back in 2004. We have recently had the same problem on ours, our advice is to spray WD40 onto all door latches and work it in by opening and closing doors a couple of times, this DOES work and will cost you literally next to nothing!!!