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What is wrong in a Camry engine if after being sometime on the road randomly during ignition starts but makes a rattling or clunky noise right after starting the engine but goes away once running?

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2006-07-18 21:51:09

Engines will sometimes make a little rod or lifter noise when

starting if all oil has drained from either the hydraulic lifter or

the crankshaft. If the engine has been running a while and the oil

is hot it drains easier from the bearing "journals". Typically, if

everything else is ok, that does not turn out to be a problem nor

does the engine make any different noise. But once the main and/or

rod bearings start to wear, the bearings will "pop" against the

crankshaft until oil pressure is built up. It can take a couple

seconds and sound quite bad. In fact, it isn't very good for the

engine. Next time you change the oil, try a heavier grade oil. If

you've been using a 5 W 15, try a 10 W 30. If you've already been

using a 10 W 30, try a 15 W 40. That's just the nature of running

an older engine that has a little wear on it. It's essential that

you keep the oil and filter changed and the oil level up to avoid

costly engine damage. I've seen engines go more than 300,00 and

400,000 miles when properly maintained. I've also seen engines fail

after 30,000 because the oil was never changed. A little prevention

goes a long way with engine maintenance.

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