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It sounds like you are not turning the wipers off by using the wiper-switch, but are instead just turning off the ignition-switch. The result will be as you described. Try FIRST turning off the wipers with the wiper-switch, and THEN turning off the ignition-switch. Wrong answer , the question is when the --wipers are turned off- -they stop sticking straight up . not when the ignition is turned off . Delay wipers have a relay module under the dash and above the brake pedal. It's a black plastic box approx 4"x6"x1" with a connector on the short end. The park relay in that module is defective, but as it's on one circuit board, you have to replace the whole thing. it ran me $75 from Ford/Lincoln.

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Q: What is wrong when the windshield wipers on a 1992 Town Car stick straight up when turned off?
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How are windshield wipers removed?

There is a little clip that needs to be pushed and it generally take a bit of force for the old ones because they stick quite a bit.

Why do people pull their windshield wipers up when it snows?

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How do you adjust the headlights on 2003 Chevy Impala?

On the left side there should be a stick for your windshield wipers and a nob on the dash semi-close to the button for the trunk. You turn that nob to set the lights inside and outside the car. The windshield wiper stick if you pull it down, or towards the dash- it should put your brights on.

Does applying Rain-x or using an anti-fog cloth or other product work on the windshield?

Those won't work all that well, unfortunately. You'll have to stick to traditional wipers.

What size are the windshield wipers of a vw 2009 Jetta?

The 2009 Volkswagen Jetta takes fairly specialized wipers. See related links below. 24" drivers side and 19" passenger side with special attachments. This vehicle also came equipped with beam style blades so its recommended to stick with that style.

Why do your windshield wipers stay in the up position when turned off on your 2001 Gran Prix?

If your turning Ignition Key off while they are working, then 99.9% of cars will do that, because it was stopped in cycle mode, and then will continue when key is turned back on. If they are staying up when you turn the switch off on directional lever. Then you most likely have a bad wiper motor, the Reset/Down mode in off cycle is gone. They go, but can also be agrevated by leaving wipers in up position accross windshield during cold weather, freezing rain or snow will make them stick to glass, then when you start vehicle, the Motor tells them Go, But wipers say No! and can ruin wiper motor. Always retract to off position, or fold out away from windshield when parked during bad weather. The wipers on my 02 Grand Prix would work perfectly but when turned off, they would "rest" in the vertical, or up, position. I took the wiper arms off, and the plastic cowling under the windshield. Took the plastic cover off of the motor and saw that the metal tab on the mount was bent. I bent the tab back towards the motor so as the cam spun, it would catch that tab. I wasn't real confident that it would work but it did. I'm glad I didn't waste my money to buy a new motor.

Are 25in and 18in windshield wipers okay for a Ford Fusion 2007 that uses 24in and 19in?

Its your gamble. There are various reasons engineers engineer the wiper system the way it comes from the factory. If you want to stick with factory - see sources and related links below.

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