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You have electrical problems. Take it to a good garage.

My '92 Corsica did that when I put a new bolt on the negative terminal for the battery. I replaced it with the old one and never had the problem again. -xGuiltyFatex

= I am not 100% sure its probably your alternator have it checked = = I have a 92 3.1 a few days ago while driving the battery light = and inflatable restrain ( air bag ) lights came on, also the speedometer showed 120 while I was going 50 Km. I pulled into a parking lot and turned off the engine, When I tried to start it did not turn over I boosted the battery, the car started but the battery light remained on. So I changed the alternator, up to now the battery and inflatable restrain lights remain off.

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โˆ™ 2008-06-20 06:08:26
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Q: What is wrong when your 1991 Chevy Corsica battery and resistant inflatable light pops on?
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