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That can depend on a lot of factors. Most intuitively to me is that the gears on either your starter or flywheel have been stripped or worn down. This is probably the case if when you turn the key to start the ignition the starter motor opperates, and accompanied by a metalic rattling, buzzing, and/or grating. It usually isn't too hard to get to your starter. It is located up against the bottom side of the engine block, and up against your transmission bellhousing. I am not sure exactly where on an F-150, but a haines manual can tell you. If you can get to the starter, and pull it out you can check to see if the gear teeth are worn on it, an with a flashlight you can check inside the bellhousing to see if the teeth on the flywheel are worn. you may have to take off your exhaust, or put it up on stand to get it. Good Luck!

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โˆ™ 2004-09-19 18:55:05
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Q: What is wrong with a 1986 F150 if you get only a buzzing sound when you turn the key?
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