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What is wrong with a 1988 Civic hatchback that has no fuel pressure and the ECM light blinks 16 times?


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2006-04-13 23:41:07
2006-04-13 23:41:07

16 blinks means that the computer thinks there is something wrong with the injectors. I have that same code. A friend of mine looked it up on his scan tool.


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If there is a red blinking light on top of the dashboard(blinks every second or so), then, yes, it is!

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According to the Kelley Blue Book website, power steering came standard only in the Si Hatchback, LX Sedan, and 4WD Wagon. All other models (Hatchback, DX Hatchback, CRX HF Hatchback, CRX Hatchback, DX Sedan, Wagon, and Wagovan) had it as an option only. In my opinion, the 1989 civic does not need power steering. The tires are narrow, the car is light, and the steering wheel is big enough that the only reason you would want power steering is if your civic had been pimped out with fat tires.

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The in dash fuse switch is located under to the left of the steering wheel

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it has long and short blinks. your blinks are not clear for me. if 8 long 6 short is 86, for coolant temperature is not right after the car started for few min. That is my car's problem.

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