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16 blinks means that the computer thinks there is something wrong with the injectors. I have that same code. A friend of mine looked it up on his scan tool.

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Q: What is wrong with a 1988 Civic hatchback that has no fuel pressure and the ECM light blinks 16 times?
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Is the Daewoo Lanos s 5door hatchback fitted with an immobilizer?

If there is a red blinking light on top of the dashboard(blinks every second or so), then, yes, it is!

Does a 1989 Civic Hatchback have power steering?

According to the Kelley Blue Book website, power steering came standard only in the Si Hatchback, LX Sedan, and 4WD Wagon. All other models (Hatchback, DX Hatchback, CRX HF Hatchback, CRX Hatchback, DX Sedan, Wagon, and Wagovan) had it as an option only. In my opinion, the 1989 civic does not need power steering. The tires are narrow, the car is light, and the steering wheel is big enough that the only reason you would want power steering is if your civic had been pimped out with fat tires.

What is the location of the tail light fuse in a Honda civic hatchback?

The in dash fuse switch is located under to the left of the steering wheel

What does 7 followed by 16 blinks on Honda Civic LX 1990 engine code light mean?

it has long and short blinks. your blinks are not clear for me. if 8 long 6 short is 86, for coolant temperature is not right after the car started for few min. That is my car's problem.

How do you install an autometer tachometer with a shift light into a 1995 Honda Civic hatchback that has a GSR motor?

The instructions should be with the meter. If not contact the manufacturer

What is code 700 on a 1997 Honda Civic?

I really need to know how you read a 700... i have never heard of it and cannot find it. if your check engine light shines a long signal that represents a 10, if it is short blinks they represent 1. you take your long blinks and add your short blinks. example two long blinks and three shorts is a code 23.

What would cause the battery warning light to come on in a 2000 Honda Civic CX hatchback?

Take it to auto zone and have the battery and alternator checked out free.

What is the exclamation point warning light on a 2008 Honda civic?

Low tire pressure

What size bulb fits the 3rd brake light on a 1994 Honda Civic hatchback DX?

You have to take the old bulb out to replace it. Just take it out and look and see what size it is.

What could be wrong if the check engine light blinks?

get it checked, because if the ligt blinks, something is wrong.

Why does check engine light blinks 9 times?

It is important to know why a Check engine light blinks. In many cars, when it blinks so many times, it is indicating a code, which is indicating the problem number for the specific car.

How do you replace the third brake light on a 94 Honda civic hatchback?

Remove the plastic cover with two clips on the back, "kind of a pain" then remove the two screws on either side of the light casing then just slide the casing out.

How do you change the driver side rear brake light on a 95 Honda civic dx hatchback?

The rear brake lights on a 1995 Honda Civic can be reach vial the rear hatch. Open the hatch in look for the plastic cover for the rear lights. Remove the cover to reveal the light plugs. Pull and replace the bulbs.

Does a Honda civic 1991 hatchback have a fuel light?

No, you must open the gas tank hatch and throw a match in. Depending on how far down it goes before it goes out is how you determine how much fuel you have.

How do you make light blinks when door open?


What does it means when your serviceengine light blinks and than stop blinking?

My light usually blinks when I start the car and then stops later on, I usually take it in when the light is solid. You should check your owner's manual if you are concerned.

What is the red light next to the steering wheel in your 1994 Honda Civic for?

Red means stop. So it is either the oil pressure or temperature light.

How do you change the third brake light on a Honda Civic DX hatchback?

look at your manual, it shows the 2 screws that you have to take out (on either side of the underside of the light) that will let you remove the lens part. you then pull the bulb out, replace and put it back together.

How do you reset the SRS light in a 95 Honda Civic hatchback?

The SRS light on a 1995 Honda Civic can be reset by jumping the wire clip. Unplug the SRS wire clip found under the dashboard. Take two wires and insert them into the clip. Tie the wires together and turn the car on and off twice. This will reset the SRS system.

What does it mean if my airbag light blinks five times pauses then blinks once more?

Your air bag light is flashing a code at you that means something is wrong with your air bag system

Why does my airbag light go on and off on your 2002 suburban?

Usually an airbag light blinks to signal a problem. The number of blinks tells the driver the code number, which informs the driver of the problem.

What causes a check engine light to come on in a 1997 civic hatchback?

The Check Engine Light comes on when the ECU has detected a problem with the emissions system. Have the ECU scanned with an OBD2 scanner to retrieve the code that has been set. That code will tell you where to start looking for the problem.

Why does the s3 light blink in the dash?

alright i have a 1990 Honda prelude si, my s3 light blinks when i drive. I was told that the blinking of the s3 light means that there is something wrong so look under the carpet an look at the red blinking lights for the trouble code. I found the trouble codes an i counted the blinks. the light on the left blinks 9 times and the one on the right blinks one long time then 6 more times.. what does this mean? what do i do next?????

Does 91 lx civic have a fuel light?

Dose a 91 honda civic have a gas light

When was Children's Civic Light Opera created?

Children's Civic Light Opera was created in 1987.