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Your synchronizers for 2nd are on their way out. You'd have to pull apart the tranny to fix it.

where your shifter is will take all that plastic divider-shi2 apart....were your stereo is it will be all tha way down by your cars computer...what your looking for is the two shift linkagase your linkages have two bolts front and back one should be loose....mine was way back there pried back there....i bought my 92 geo storm cheap cause second and forth gear didnt work ...problably by a company saying its more work than it needs....$$$ once you find them bolt...loosen all 4 and ceep your shifter in posisition were third and fourth gear are but in neutral and get all four bolts close then go through all the gears ...each gear you should tighten that bolt a litle more and more....although i would recomend getting somone who knows how to tighten them bolts realy know cause im an employee of auto stores i do this kinda stuff...the reason is second gear for you is not catching cause your shiftes are not tight....if it were your clutch youd have problems w./them all esp./reverse and if it were your transaxle./transmition youd have more than a it wont shift maybe get somone to give ;you a hand but don't have a transmition shop do it or theyll charge tha hell outa you just for a stupid bolt you wernt aware of.....,.....tell my how that worked for

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Q: What is wrong with a 1992 Geo Storm if you have to slam it into second but it works fine in all other gears?
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