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check to make sure you haven't inadvertantly removed a coil lead, computer or any engine sensor connections. may also want to check ignition switch wiring connections.

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Q: What is wrong with a 93 Grand Am with a 3.3 if it has no spark after you pushed it into the garage and changed a blown CV joint?
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What will make your 05 grand Cherokee limited over heat if you just changed your radiator?

There could be several things that will make your 2005 Grand Cherokee Limited overheat even if you just changed your radiator. There may be a head gasket blown.

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How do you change a blown head gasket on Ford transit?

Bring it to your local garage

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How expensive is it to repair a blown head gasket?

around 1 grand

Battery light is on changed the alternator and battery is good what else could it be?

Check for blown fuse(s) or blown fusible link(s).

When should a head gasket be changed?

Whenever it is blown or the head is cracked or warped.

What if your gas gauge in your 2000 grand prix stays on full?

Could be a blown fuse.

Why doesn't your reverse gear work in a 1993 grand caravan?

blown reverse seals

What cause a 1995 mercury grand marquis not to go in any gear?

Blown fuse.

What can cause a wet spark plug on a 2000 grand am gt?

blown head gasket??

How much will it cost to repair or replace a blown head gasket on a 1986 Honda Accord?

Somewhere around 500$ if done at a garage.

How do you stop your 1997 grand am SE with a blown head gasket from overheating?

replace the head gasket

Why won't your rear wiper work on a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Your fuse might be blown out.

Why won't the radio and one of the power outlets not work on my 2005 grand caravan?

Blown fuse.

No power to stereo after the alternator has changed?

Check the fuse box on the vehicle to see if the fuse is blown

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your head gasket has blown,get a local garage to do a compression test,hope this helps, take the oil filler cap off the engine and check for a brown/greyish gunk, if so then your head gasket is blown.

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What would make a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero keep running hot?

Happened to me. Termostat stuck closed. Changed thermostat. Test for possible blown head gasket. Happened to me. Termostat stuck closed. Changed thermostat. Test for possible blown head gasket.

What could cause the horn on a 2000 grand am to stop working?

A loose wire or a blown fuse would.

How do you know if the freeze plugs are blown or leaking in a 94 grand marquis?

cooliant in resvoir tank will be brown

Why no instrument panel lights on 2005 grand marquis?

Most likely cause would be a blown fuse.

Can you repair a blown head gasket on a 1997 jeep grand Cherokee without taking the engine out?


Do Pontiac grand ams have problems with blown head gaskets?

i was told that they do, except for the 3.1 definitely the 3.4

Why would 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee blow white smoke?

possibly blown head gasket