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The computer under the hood is more than likely faulty. I have a 95 Neon (with parts car) and 95 Eclipse. The Eclipse was experiencing the same exact problem. It started out being only an occasional thing, but soon started to happen more often. I took the Computer out of the Eclipse and replaced it with the one from the Neon parts car. The mount and wire harness connection are exactly the same, and it bolted right in. This has completely fixed the problem and the Eclipse now runs like new. The "check engine" light is STILL on, but doesn't seem to be causing any issues. I replaced the computer about 6 months ago, and it hasn't acted the same since. How-ever this MAY be a short term fix, as the new computer module you put in may eventually go bad. You should be able to get a module from a junk yard between $20 - $50, but if you wanna go new the cheapest I've seen is around $150.

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โˆ™ 2007-09-23 01:38:59
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Q: What is wrong with my 1995 dodge neon that has the check engine light on sometimes it runs ok but when the light flashes it sputters misses and looses power as you go up a hill?
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